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mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... free speech...

Free speech heads for the Supreme Court

The fight for online free speech goes now to the Supreme Court.
Follow the link to read about our victory and the road ahead of us

Well, guess what. I HIT 20,000!!!!!!!!!! And I'd like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.... its nice to know your efforts are getting through and helping other people.... im gettin new aic tabs up, a metallica page (hopefully), another tori tab(hey jupiter), a marilyn manson page, a nine inch nails page, a pantera page, and midis for each page from each singer/group/artist/blah/youunderstandwhatiam=P... oh yeah, and if you wanna see this page well, get the "Viner Hand ITC" font from somewhere i dunno where i got mine from, but it just looks cool...


Alice In Chains

Tori Amos



Foo Fighters

Marilyn Manson


Pearl Jam

rage against the machine


Smashing Pumpkins

Stone Temple Pilots

Other Stuff

Some Links

"they can't see what you see." -flying dutchman

If for some stupid reason, you wanna email me, my address is

This site is best viewed with Netscape 3.0, well not at the moment, but sometime, someday, I willlearn stuff, and it will =P

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