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So since I've last updated this page in 2004:

       The NHL does not exist in the form I loved and grew up with. Send Lord Stanley's Cup to come worthy Junior Hockey Team

       Richard Daley or the newest version is still mayor of Chicago 

       Our governor is killing the ozone layer with hairspray.  Nice doo Blago!

       The Cardinals have finally won a World Series!!!  Who would have thought it would take 24 years!!!

       The Whitesox have even won a World Series!

       The Cubs still suck and Lou Pinella will be gone in 2 years after too many overpaid bad players. Nice job signing Wade Miller and DeRosa..Who the heck are they??

       See Ya HSBC.

       Kids are into Pokemon, Yugioh, Hello Kitty and American Girl.

       I want a Nintendo Wii but will I be able to get one before 2007?

       The Bulls make the playoffs again although without number 23 in the organization it doesn't matter

       The Bears are 8 - 1 and finally have a quarterback Go Rex!!

       Doctor Who is back and better than ever!!!

        I'm getting to old to play ball anymore but my golf is getting better (except for putting as always)

       The Football Cardinals still suck although the Bears might disagree with that after Monday Night Football

       MNF is horrible.... time to give it up guys

       NASCAR is a waste of time.... the World Champion is in Formula One and no where else

       The Blues suck and no one cares. Oh yeah I forgot. The NHL doesn't exist


Anyway I promise to update more often like say 2008 and give my 2 cents for nothing!!!!
















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