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For those of you that I have yet to meet, I'm Josh Hyde from Placerville, California, which is located between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe. I'm 21 and work for a really big company and make millions of dollars. I spend a whole lot of time on the 'net at work so it's not exactly a rarity to find me in chat rooms, surfing Usenet, or just plain ol' studying anything that catches my interest. Ask anyone at work, I have a lot of hobbies! I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to stop back as often as you like!

Lets put an end to Internet censorship!

Lets put an end to Internet censorship!

First off, I'd like to thank my parents for standing behind me on all of my decisions. Without your support, I'd probably still be living at home without a vehicle, pennyless and bored out of my mind. Gottcha!

And to the boys that finally made it into the 20th century. It's been one hell of a ride huh? Brian, can you say "WEEEEEEEE"? Jesse, kiss your what? Fro, take care of Lisa... didn't think you'd be the first to get married! Nip, puff, puff, pass, isn't that how it's done?

Dance, Dance, Dance you crazy bears!

This page will continue to grow and evolve as time permits... Well to be honest, I get bored w/ this thing and forget about it for a while..

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Once again, this page is under construction so I hope to hear from you about suggestions or for a pat on the back for giving it a try!

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That was a good Day
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This is for Danny and Joe...
I miss you guys...
Ride on...