Here lie the bones of the site formerly known as Stu and Dan's music pages.

In the middle of 1996 I got the urge to combine a longtime love of honest to goodness pop music with a relatively new interest in the internet. The outcome was a small, rough'n'ready online indie music fanzine that lay, and still lies in bits, on this site, and housed many of my rants about my favourite bands and the activities of the music scene. It struggled through under semi-regular maintenance for a good couple of years before my main job, that of getting a degree, demanded precidence, and the updates slowed down and eventually ground to a halt. It'd had a fair few visits though, and even a little praise from some quarters (for which I was and still am very grateful), and sometimes I still happen to think some bits of it were quite good. And so it is now, having moved on from University into jobland, I returned to the dusty and deserted old ground to close the lid on it, and finally put the "Closed for business - no longer trading" sign in the window.

The long and short of this site: Though it has in its very spirit a heartbeat driven by music that can never be stilled, this site is full of old news and views and receives no new updates. However, if you pay a visit, some of the material might still be worth a read, so here I list it plain and simple for you to wade through if any catches your interest.

To see that site as it was left on it's last update, sometime in 1998, click here.

Index of Stu and Dan's music pages

Band news and histories: Here I kept a short biography and news section for my favourite bands of the time.

Live reviews of gigs around the Sheffield area A month by month diary and commentary of music releases and events began on January of 1997 and ran until June 1998. Each month inbetween was covered, and each is linked from one of those two pages. The whole of 1997 was summed up in one piece, 90 minutes of '97

Keeping tabs on what were then new bands was the Talent section.

Finally, music related links were kept here.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who got in touch with me through the 'zine, keeping in contact with you was probably the best thing about running it. The contact e-mail address you will run into when looking through the old pages is no longer valid. I'm now fielding all questions, criticisms and anything else at I still stand by most of what I've written for this site, so if you have an issue I'd love to hear it.

I'm still writing occasionally, when time and inspiration come together, but my efforts now go towards the music section of a larger and better post-modern cultural 'zine, Vanguard Online

This web-space, kindly provided by Geocities, is now a more regular host to The Old Boys' Club.