Brad Kay's Land 'o Useless Stuff

What's up? I can't help but notice that you're using this browser.

Well, I'm sitting here on a lousy August morning, so I decide to build a web page from scratch. Call it temporary insanity, I do. But, here goes. I'll have a Command and Conquer page, a South Park Page, and an Alternative Rock Page. In the Future? Who knows. Probably a Quake and Quake II page, if my page hasn't already been deleted from last year. So, I'll continue to work on my page over a while. If this page isn't complete, then tough, deal with the disappointment, gather up the pieces of your life, and take one of my links to a far better page.


Come to my Red Alert Page
Come to my Music Page. All Alternative, All the time
See My Odd (and useless) Collection of Internet Images and Sounds
My Quake Page
My Webpage about the Globe Theater

You are the loser to visit this page. Congratulations.