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Welcome to Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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General information (Who am I? What do I do for living? Where do I live at?)
Some cool links in the WEB (A lot of interesting links in the WEB)
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Astronomy (One of my hobbies and many links related to it)
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Quebra cabeças (Muito interessante!)
Piadas idiotas (Pontinhos, cúmulos, nomes de filmes, etc.)
Ilusões de óptica (Ilusões de óptica muito doidas!!!)

The blizzard of '96

The blizzard of '96 broke all-time records of snowfall in the northeast of the USA. I took this picture (JPG-60K) in New Jersey, on January 8th, where the worst winter storm in state history took place (27.8 in).

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