Hi, my name is Wilson Gonzalez. Welcome to The Corvettes home page! I'd like to begin by apologizing to any other bands that may have used the same name across our great country. The Corvettes band that I am referring to in this web site was started in Orlando, Florida in 1987.

We began The Corvettes as a four piece band playing dance music at weddings, parties and conventions. The Corvettes created a very special blend of music by combining the Classic sounds with our very own personal musical inspirations. I started playing guitar when I was eleven years old in the Church. Since 1970, I have been an avid follower of Carlos Santana and his up beat, yet soulful style of guitar playing. Santana has been a major influence in my guitar playing as well as an inspiration to me to "play from the heart". My heartfelt thanks to Santana for all of his inspiration and our heartfelt thanks to the many Corvette Fans that were always there to support us and cheer us on. As Carlos would say, "Music from the Heart" transcends all boundaries and takes us to a higher level where we can all share peace, harmony, compassion and true brotherhood. My sincere thanks to all the wonderful musicians that have shared the stage with me. It has been a fantastic thrill and inspirational musical journey that I will forever cherish in my heart.

 This web site shows some of the history and evolution of The Corvettes. I hope you enjoy it.

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Europa (part 1)

Europa (part 2)

Daddy's Home

Stormy Monday

Since I Met You Baby

You've Lost That Love And Feelin'

Thanks for checking us out! Have a Great Day and God Bless!

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