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d-arts and crafts

Yep. For the longest time, I left one poem hanging here like some lousy old dartboard in the back of the garage. That poor little poem served months and months of solitary confinement on this webpage. Don't worry. I set him free. Now he's in the play room where he can goof off with the rest of his little buddies.

So apologies to my slew of fans. I'm sure the one of you was checking here religiously and I hope you enjoy the changes. Maybe next month, I'll get around to decorating.

In the meantime, let me know if you like my writing. Or if you don't like it. Or just send me some d-mail telling me something. Anything. Anything. I'm too bored to discriminate. Tell me if you like the page. Or if you don't. Tell me d-mail is the dumbest pun you've heard this month. Or just tell me who you like in the fourth race tomorrow.

I freely admit that I have no life. No friends. No strong feelings about tomorrow's card. Now, I don't expect you to solve all my problems but sending a two second email that says "Teabiscuit in the fourth" couldn't hurt.

Can't you see how desperate for some feedback I am. My whole life is nothing but a pathetic plea for attention. Just look at me. Mr. Funny. Mr. Sensitive. Mr. I Have Something to Say. Well, the truth is I have nothing to say. That's the dart in this boy's craft.

I mean, do you think someone becomes a comedian by accident? I desperately want to be liked. Can't you understand? I crave the approval, the attention, and, most of all, I crave the free drinks.

Maybe I do have something to say. I care about a lot of things. Who am I kidding? I care about me. Well keep in mind it's not always what you actually say that matters but the manner in which you choose to express yourself. Or not

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