Oxblood in Florida (and the Business)

Oxblood/Business show pictures

Terminus City & The Beltones - Feb. 26th - Common Grounds, Gainesville $5 All Ages... $2 Guinness & Boddington's

Some pictures may look fucked up... the scanner @ the lab had fuckin fingerprints and I didn't notice...


Mac getting ready
Mac singing some tough Oi!
Paul Oxblood hammering the bass.
Paul looking tough.
Kevin playing the drums...
The symbals (?) came apart soon enough.
Members only...
Mac giving people the mic.

People & Crowd

(if you use Photoshop, you can see some interesting things on the backgrounds...)

This is where it all started...
Mickey Fitz & some friends... drunk friends...
Pauley being a skinhead. Crazy looking guy on left... wolverine maybe
John, Pauley, Terrance, Andy, singing along (yes, that's what you're supposed to do at shows.
Darryl sees god, Terrance
Pauley telling you how it is
Carlos getting ready to bust someone's head
Harvey feeling the music...
Andy & Darryl
Abe, Lara, (Pink)Panther
Paul, Pup, Joey, Darryl, Kevin (Oxblood), Dave (Oxblood) hanging out.
Ray, the punkest guy in central florida, and some hot girl.
Andy having a good time (is his arm on backwards?)
Some guy making a weird face.

The Business

Mickey Fitz drunk as usual, letting you sing.
People that were there...
Everybody looking kind of dumb... and some happy guy.

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