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"Cow's" Homepage
Web Chat!
Electronic Postcard Sender
Check Out Mr. Bean (he's British and hilarious)
JellyBelly Online
CBC Radio Drama Homepage
The Dead Poet's Society Homepage -great film;go see it.
Check out the amazing You Don't Know Jack game online
Tired of wasting a night on a dull movie? Check it out here at IMDB first!

Look closely at this magic eye picture, when your sight becomes un clear, blink and you should see the teddies become 3d.

This is the school I attended in grade 7/8! Visit and see the homepage my brother helped create.(Orchard Park P.S)

I am presently working on the Gold level D of E.
Click here to visit the Duke of Edinburgh's Homepage.

I run a 5-6 year old "Sparks" group Click here to get info on Girl Guides of Canada

I play the flute. Here is some info about the best instrument around.

Click here to go and see my past high school's homepage ...LONDON CENTRAL S.S


Click here to download "redalert" in .wav format

Check out my University Homepage

My family and I spent the year 1994-1995 in Oxford England.
Have a look at the spires and shires of Oxford.

This is the school I attended while I was in Oxford England. E-mail them and say 'hi'.

This is my favorite brother (and only) in the world. Have a look at his page!

The Essentials are a London based group. They are wonderful so if you havn't heard them you are really missing out.Check out thier page

Visit my brother's best friend's page, it has personality beyond belief!
Also, have a look at my friend's page in Toronto. It's also VERY IMPRESSIVE!

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