nOiSE cOrPOrAtIon is the result of combining new technology with traditional pure straightforward energy of a 3-piece band! Heavy rhythms, happening loops, original sampling, groovy bass and simple kicking drumbeats take you into a one of a kind atmosphere. A new unusual tone of vocal sang in a different manner gives nOiSE cOrPOrAtIon an electrifying unique sound! 

Many years of experience in the music scene are in the background of nOiSE cOrPOrAtIon. Formally known as Lankmar, the band achieved various things. After two record deals with “TOX Records” and “Osmosis Records”, they accomplished two albums, three video clips, opening act for major artists (such as Pantera, Anvil, etc.) and touring Canada. The band played over 250 live performances since its inception. 

“Lankmar has brought the Bay sound to Canada and they’re extremely successful at executing it…Highly recommended”.  

    The Plague (Seattle, U.S.A.)
“Lankmar is an exciting new addition to the array of local gods of the Montreal music culture. Their IMPRESSIVE and LOUD riffs made my ears ring, my headache and my neck move…”  
    Montreal Mirror (Canada)
The band always keeps on getting great review and very good airplay in college radio. After the release of the self-title album Lankmar, many college radios rated #1 the first single and video clip “The Enforcer”. Much Music, along with Musique Plus played the video on a very good rotation. 

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, nOiSE cOrPOrAtIon is dedicated to its future. Constantly writing and rehearsing new material to keep themselves ahead of time. 

    Martin Lowe 
    Vocals, Bass, Programming
    Jack Wells 
    Damian Blake 
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The first demo from nOiSE cOrPOrAtIon has the following tracks wich you can download from here in  MP3 format (64 Kb/s - 22,050 Hz - Stereo). All tracks are zipped.
1 The Limit 3:39 1,690 Kbs Lyrics
2 Silence 2:46 1,284 Kbs Lyrics
3 Pulse 5:02 2,332 Kbs Lyrics
4 3 Vox A 3:05 1,431 Kbs Lyrics
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