Page closed!

Yeah. You read it right.

For many many months (since 29/Feb/1996, to be more exact) I have maintained this web site. It was very cool, and it has really helped me a lot in making friends through the web and even maintaining my old friends together and up-to-date with my personal status. :-P

I have had many many visitors, nearly 4,000 (mostly friends of mine, of course). I don't have the exact number, since GeoCities has fucked up my counter sometime ago. :-)

This is the first web page I have ever made. It have evoluted as time passed, but I sensed a real evolution was needed. Because of this, I have recently began a new project - a whole new page, with new layout, new sections, new everything. A more professional page, with more information about my professional portfolio.

As this brave new page is almost finished, I have decided to put this page down for good. I don't want people to think I have just gave up of updating the page (since the last update was on 25/09/97!), so it will now be closed, with this little remark.

My new page is open at (very better than GeoCities, although kind of slow for some Brazilian users). As I said, it is almost finished, some sections are missing, it is still under construction!!!

Also, my old web page is archived in its entirely. It can be found here: (1,137 kbytes)

Best regards.. and see you!

- Rorshack