What is EMC?

In the Spring of 1997 EMC Industries President and CEO Elijah Colgan began what is now known as EMC Industries. At EMC we strive to provide the best links to sites that our borde find relevent on the WWW. When you surf by EMC IND. you need nothing but an open mind. By visiting our sites we will sculpt you into a better human, and expose you to opportunities you never thought possible before EMC. At this point we provide one service, public education. As you all know there is an abundance of idiots in this land we call home. If you consider yourself to be one of these idiots please let us help you help yourself visit all of our sites and comment on your progress.Our goal is to capture your imagination and alllow you a free forum for advice as well as criticism. This is not a corprate sonsored page.We do not want your hard earned money. NO. This site will allow you to be the innocent child that your mother used to call in for dinner as the sun set in the mysterious westen sky. So feel free to browse our friendly confines and tell us how we can better serve you.

Thank You

Elijah Morningstar Colgan

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