This is a page I put together in order to kill time. You could visit a polethera of sites and have fun with all of them.

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California Links
City Net: CaliforniaResults from Exite city search in California
San Francisco and The Bay Area onlineDirect link to Yahoo's San Francisco Net.

Rodman & Co. Hitmen of the MidwestThe Bulls Home at
ESPN SportsZone

Newspapers on the WWW A great list of newspapers on the WWW. Find a job look at local stories you name it.
CNN Whaz Up in da Werld taday!

Music Links
Play guitarHarmony Central
Vistit the Why Store.Best band you never heard of. Best band of the year. Rated by EMC Ind.

Brew your own beer at homeBetter than any beer you can ever buy.
Current Movie Reviews by Roger Ebert

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