Name: John Twomey "nirvana"
Date: Sunday - 23/Jun/96 - 10:27:31
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Word of Mouth
Comments: Hey,m I love your home page!! I'll be back in a while to write more...I don't want to time-out of the forum...*LOL*..BYE!!

Name: Sarah Newell...(sarafina)
Date: Wednesday - 12/Jun/96 - 9:38:57
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I really do have to say that your hp is one of the best ones that I have seen so far...good job...see you around!!

Date: Thursday - 6/Jun/96 - 15:35:15
Referred from: Netscape
Comments: Hi
*nothing feels better then a cool CBreeze on a hot day*
haven't seen ya around in a while *wonders what's wrong*
Please Email me if ya can or I C ya around at Dougs.
*wonders why he isn't included in her friends-list*

Name: The Godfather
Date: Thursday - 30/May/96 - 15:30:58
Homepage: Da Family Room
Referred from: Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hey!
I'm back and missing you!
I'll be checking Doug's for ya tomorrow!

Name: CJ
Date: Thursday - 30/May/96 - 15:28:04
Homepage: http://
Referred from: Advertisment/Brochure
Comments: Hey CB,
Hows it goin? *wink wink* Was just eatin some
fatty tuna and thought about ya! Actually I
think about ya all the time! *grin* Just passin
through, and thought Id say hi!
Your pal,
CJ in NJ

Name:Quick Thunder
Date:Wednesday - 15/May/96 - 11:05:50
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Your hp makes me go wild....
Name:Edwin Liu
Date:Tuesday - 30/Apr/96 - 11:21:54
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I think we have a new record!!! Longest page ever!!! :-)
Nice work. I don't have my own web-site but I did make one
for a company called G2 Design (
I'm not that great at it yet but I'm working on it. Gonna
borrow some ideas from your page..... :-)

Date:Wednesday - 24/Apr/96 - 17:03:35
Homepage:I don't know
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I have no Idea what I am doing. So why don't you call me and give me a clue
give me a clue.
Date:Tuesday - 23/Apr/96 - 8:36:58
Homepage:The Home of AFC Ajax Amsterdam
Referred from:Advertisment/Brochure
Comments: Nothing feels better than a cool CBreeze on a hot day....*smiles*
I managed to make a homepage by myself 3 weeks ago....
Take care
Date:Wednesday - 17/Apr/96 - 6:23:32
Homepage:Mitniks "I Love DoubleDove" Homepage
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hiya CBreeze,

I was updating my Homepage and so I thought I would
make sure all the homepage links work, This is a very good
page you have.

Yes my Namesake is the Famous Hacker in Prison, Thats how
I got the Mitnik Handle he was sent to prison for crashing
a bit computer network and I was suspended from School for
Crashing the network, So my Mates Started calling me Mitnik
(His First Name Like Mine is Kevin!)

And it just kinda stuck.

We are currently bared from using Chat, Hope to be back
on soon. Chat to you then *sweet hugs*

Name:Dragon Lady Meeka
Date:Sunday - 14/Apr/96 - 10:45:27
Homepage:Meeka's Rubble
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: *leaves a higgle and a complimentary pine cone*
Date:Thursday - 11/Apr/96 - 7:33:24
Homepage:SWAK ON!!!!
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hi babe! Nice Page! Whatcha doin later? *wink, wink* *LAUGH*
Name:Hot diggity dog
Date:Wednesday - 10/Apr/96 - 19:51:12
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: hey there think I shoudl rest my paws here for a bit huh grin hehehe passing on in and slowing down dog.. man this is a pretty big

place you've got here grin...he..* sits down * you think there is any chnace I would pass through here ? grin hehe NAW !

Date:Wednesday - 10/Apr/96 - 10:13:36
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: whats up
Date:Monday - 8/Apr/96 - 4:56:19
Homepage:Jadie's Warped Mind
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I'd like to play a tree in the upcoming movie please. I have experience and can email you my credentials if you would like.
Name:Jonathan Franck
Date:Thursday - 4/Apr/96 - 9:14:24
Homepage:Jonathan Franck's New Home Page
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Great web page!
Email:(I don't have one...sorry)
Date:Tuesday - 2/Apr/96 - 17:45:16
Homepage:Cannonball's Tackle Box
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hey, sorry we haven't seen each other...well, how's this for a quote I heard today..."If someone generously proclaims his truth can coexist with another, they deny the existence of truth altogether..." It's not exact, but that's pretty close...hope to c-u on Doug's...
Date:Thursday - 28/Mar/96 - 12:18:48
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: G'day Cbreeze,
I just hopped by.
C YA saturday on Doug's chat :o)


Hugs AAA
Name:Jóhann Žorvaršarson
Email:you know it*smile*
Date:Thursday - 28/Mar/96 - 10:14:20
Homepage:find all the spelling errors
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: hi hi hi hi hi have fun
Name:Vic Rattlehead
Date:Thursday - 21/Mar/96 - 3:02:58
Homepage:Parts Unknown
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hi CBreeze
I seem to recall meeting you at Dougs before....maybe I will see you there again sometime.
Date:Wednesday - 20/Mar/96 - 12:13:45
Homepage:awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!!!!
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I changed my mind!!!!!! I want to be either Ron O'Neal or Richard Roundtree....change it!!!! please?
Date:Tuesday - 19/Mar/96 - 11:22:40
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hi CB!
I do not think you remeber me, but we used to talk awhile backon the net. I was just seeing who was on and I recognized your name. I just wrote to say "Hello". Just in case you do not remember me, I hope you may remeber German or Storm who used to be on the net before. Well I've got to go now. I hope I see you again on the net once again or if not just drop a few lines to address aboveHope to speak to you soon. Jackie.
Name:Just Hanging Out
Email:None after March 15th!!
Date:Thursday - 14/Mar/96 - 7:29:22
Homepage:Worthless link on the Web.
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: I'm definately gonna miss the fresh CBreeze refreshing my days for a little while. Also gonna miss the wit and spark of the The Godfather, Voyager, Cha-Bing. Miss the Huggles of June, Honey, Kitty & Paula:). Miss the advice and cherished friendship of Vixen. Won't be able to compare notes with Coach on working for the Government. I'll be way overstocked on V-8, with no SWAK to be SWAKed by.....and many others I'll miss. Take care guys, I'll be in touch as soon as I get settled. And CB...I really hate Robert Downey Jr., I think maybe if we can find somebody with the wit of Jim Carrey, without the stupidity, we'd be OK (JHO definately does not talk out of his butt!) And if anyone sees my partner in crime SKA, let the butthead know I miss him. Peace!
Date:Wednesday - 13/Mar/96 - 16:38:47
Homepage:Title? I don't know!
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Hey CBreeze,

Very cool Home Page. Love the 5 signs of addiction...I don't experience any, really I don't! And I'm going to have to try some of the ways to get rid of phone salesmen, that was cool! Great page, well done!

Name:Tony Chappell
Date:Sunday - 10/Mar/96 - 13:57:06
Homepage:Tony's Plot fo Digital Land
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Hi, Elise! Praise the Lord! Your page is pretty cool, but I'm working on mine, so eventually it could be as equally as cool or maybe even better.
I never knew you had so many chat buddies on the net, don't you work?

Date:Monday - 19/Feb/96 - 18:50:10
Homepage:for me to know and you to find out
Referred from:Advertisment/Brochure
Comments: Ya want your helicopter, I've got your helicopter, but it's gonna cost ya. I need someone to take care of a problem of mine. Ya think you're mean enough ta do it, if so you can call me at Vinny's Garbage Hauling Service, and ask for Tony. Cappice.
Name:Gibson Y. Lao
Date:Sunday - 18/Feb/96 - 16:15:36
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Hi, Elise. I don't know anybody on those pictures that are
part of your homepage. I am right now at the Undergraduate
Library @ OSU. I actually figured how to dial out to the
internet on these bad boys. Char says hi, she is here doing
research while I'm here playing and applying my vast knowledge
of computers to work (yeah right!) Anyways, cool homepage!!
cya later :D -G

Name:The Honorable Primal Scream
Email:Like I'm telling... *LOL*
Date:Thursday - 15/Feb/96 - 13:14:22
Homepage:Go there and find out....*lol*
Referred from:Word of Mouth

Hey CBreeze!!! Happnin' little page ya' got here! And now your guestbook bears my signature. Now you've got something to tell the grandkids about! *lol* BTW, John Travolta? Bruce Willis? *ROTFL* Wouldn't be a very accurate depiction... *laughs* Take care. You're still the coolest breeze I know. *g* C'ya on the chats! *poof*
Date:Tuesday - 13/Feb/96 - 16:10:09
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: CB,

Your Homepage is now amongst the best Ive seen! Great pics!
Looks like you guys had a wild time in Chicago! Thanks
for mentioning lil ole CJ from NJ! :)

See ya round,
Name:Casey Anne
Date:Monday - 12/Feb/96 - 17:19:42
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hi Cbreeze!
Just stopped on by to say a big


to you!
*giggle* was that big enough.
I think your homepage is really cool!
It's been nice haveing you as a friend
Love ya
Date:Saturday - 10/Feb/96 - 13:02:16
Homepage:Cowboy's home page
Referred from:Advertisment/Brochure
Comments: Howdy CB, how's it going *hug*, 'bout that copter thing, it's in the mail, yeah, it's in the mail, I even fed ex'd it to ya. It's all their fault, one big conspiracy.....
Date:Thursday - 8/Feb/96 - 12:40:02
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Surfed on from Doug's. I haven't seen you for a long time.
I hope to chat to u on doug's soon
An old friend
PSV :)
Date:Saturday - 3/Feb/96 - 23:08:35
Homepage:June's Hearty Attempt to Break Your Ribs *snicker*
Referred from:Word of Mouth
Comments: Mind you, the mouth that I heard about this from was none too clean..... *grin*


So I stopped in to say hello and feed the guestbookmonster... and to tell you that it is two in the morning, and yes, I'm still awake and working. Multitasking is a wonderful thing! And, dare I say the one word, MEETMEINSTLOUIS!!!!!!
*laughing* And this'll be all for now, sweetie, so hughug and I'll see you later!!!

Date:Friday - 2/Feb/96 - 14:21:10
Homepage:How to hide under a pebble.
Referred from:Yahoo!
Comments: Yahoo! *giggle*
Name:Peter Ritchie (Damage, treehouse, treestump, Mind Games)
Date:Thursday - 1/Feb/96 - 16:23:18
Homepage:Peter's Hpmepage
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: I like you page..........thats about it.
Name:Jóhann Žorvaršarson
Date:Thursday - 1/Feb/96 - 12:33:20
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: HI CB I see that you have a lot of work to do *lol*
Making a guestbook and such... Well have fun BYE
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 13:25:11
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hi CB,

Nice page babe.....well it would be better with a pic of
yourself gracing it! :) Just stopped in to say Hi.....
maybe Ill bother ya later! *hee hee hee*

Bye sweety!

Your pal,
CJ from NJ
Name:amy (aka dolphinlover)
Date:Wednesday - 31/Jan/96 - 13:15:52
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: *is very very very very very sad bcause CeeBee left her out of the HP* Otherwise it's preeeety darn cool, CB! *grin*
Date:Thursday - 25/Jan/96 - 11:21:54
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Ummmm....errrr....well...I was going to write something...
but ummmm..uhhhh....well you see..I...errr....umm... forgot!!!!

The page looks great Cbreeze!!! Thanks for the mention!
Name:Ant...The Godfather....Meester pasta....Antonio...oinotnA
Date:Wednesday - 24/Jan/96 - 11:09:46
Homepage:Da Family Room
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Oh I'm gonna get you for the Keebler crack! *Snicker*

Date:Tuesday - 23/Jan/96 - 14:06:35
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: test
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