About Dei...

Hm.., what can I say about myself?!, nothing much... nothing special... nothing exciting. I'm just an Indonesian girl (well.., not quite fully "produk dalam negri", since both of my parents are mixed!. My mom is Indonesian (Palembang)- Dutch and my dad is also half Indonesian (Java)- half something esle... I am the oldest child in the family with my two little cute and adorable siblings. I was born on April 24th. Right now, daddy's angel is trying to make him prouds and studying up in Hawaii after finished her three years of study in Canada.

Currently, I'm still studying at Hawaii Pacific University, majoring in Psychology, concentrating in Child and Adolesence Personal Growth and Counceling after graduated from Lakefield College School in Ontario, Canada. However, about five years ago, I transferred to LCS from my former wicked school down in Indonesia, Don Bosco, PI (those awesome times will last FOREVER!) to LCS. I enjoyed my time in LCS, even though it was a little bit frustrating, but it was fun! especially because of my crazy Canadian buddies. Oh well, those February blues, bring spring colours!! *smile*. Anyway, before I went to DB, I studied in Ora Et Labora (OeL) for my junior high years.

Well, I'm enjoying myself with cooking (yes everybody, I can cook and like to mix things together! hehehe), music, sports, travelling, especially if you take me to the beaches or mountanious.. you bet I'll go with you!!, I guess no further question to be ask why I ended up in Hawaii, eh?!, and also.. of course.. partying!!, hang out with people I love (especially, those who are always "nongkrong" in my house.. WATCH OUT for my mom, pals!!, he..he..)

Some of you may know me from "chat line" , mostly IRC, especially #Jakarta. I used to chat a lot, but not anymore... especially right now that I am finishing my bachelor degree and will be graduating soon. Anyway, some may know me from the real Daisy (yeah!!, Ms. smiley personality).

Anyway, about the name on the top of the first page, that's my real name by the way (that is what "bules" call me) . I didn't even know at first how everyone, especially my close friends, start calling me "Dei", "Detta" or "Natia" or even other names that they have created from my long but, beautiful name:).

Having fun yet?!, feel free to walk along My Strip