JAMROCK in the Tradition of THE GOOD OL' GRATEFUL DEAD and THE ALLMAN BROTHER'S BAND from Marburg/Germany (right in the middle of "Old Europe"!)

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1776: Thomas Jefferson launches the USA.

1976: Mick Schwarz launches ... the Mick Schwarz Band

2009: Still jamming after all these years...

The members of The Mick Schwarz Band are:

Elmar Altwasser (drums)

Runs his own Research Institute, where he deals with historical buildings. Has published a lot of scientific stuff. Holds his drumsticks like Humphrey Bogart held his cigarette. Played everything from Beat (his Band once opened for the famous Pretty Things) to Modern Experimental Jazz. Played with Mick from 1978 till 1981 and rejoined the band in 1993.

Klaus Grabowski (bass)

Joined the band back in 1986. Likes to build his own equipment - he's a real tube tech wizard. Teaches Chemistry and Religion at a Grammar School.

Gisbert Okel (drums & vocals)

Gisbert came to fill in for Elmar some years ago. After that, we did not want to let him go. He did not want lo leave the Band either. So here we are with two drummers.

Mick Schwarz (guitar & vocals)

Mick was always too late. Back in the seventies, he missed the opportunity to jam with John Lee Hooker, after that he missed Punk Rock! Once aquired a degree for Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Marburg/Germany, saw the rise and fall of his own musical instruments business and works for Canon for quite some time now. Somehow, Mick is doomed to bring together a really far out band for once in his life. Maybe he still has a chance with this one.

Andreas Tauche (guitar & sometimes vocals)

Andreas, our "new" member, had played in the band two times before. Around 1978 on Congas (in tandem with Elmar on drums) and around 1986 on lead guitar (along with Klaus on bass). His distinctive lead guitar covers a wide range from hard rock to jazzy sounds, and we all appreciate that he joined us again in 2004.

If you want to know how we sound, you can check the following MP3 soundfile of a title called "Dentist" (4,75 MB), an instrumental "made in Japan" twentyeight years ago, when Mick was checking out the local band scene around Kyoto. Actually, it resulted from Sessions we had in the house of Ono Futoshi's family in Higashi Muko. It has remained a constant part of the the band's repertoire. This version was recorded live at the Waggonhalle in Marburg January 25th, 2008.
You can also check out Youtube, where you can find some recently published videos from the past and presence of the MSB.


September 5, Dagobertshausen, Hof der Familie Scherer

September 13, Bürgeln, Reiterhof Appel


Mick Schwarz
Zur Weinstr. 10
35041 Marburg

Phone: +49 (0)6421 93055
Mobile: +49(0)176 96824761

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