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Sorry if this page is a bit slow. Or when not all the images are loaded. I can't help it.

I am Martijn Verrijdt ... ... Yes, nice to meet you too!
I am 25 years old
I live in Eindhoven and Overloon, the Netherlands
I just finished my study of business computer science at the Hogeschool Eindhoven (check out the link)
I like to go windsurfing and racing, especially karting myself.
But, that is nothing compared to car racing on the circuit.
Also, I like to go out. When you would like to go out with me some time,
write me a sweet loveletter!
Who knows, we might share a drink in near future.
I like the music from Golden Earring and Van Halen,
as well as from OEF uut Ploo.
But, the most exciting band of the Netherlands is (or at least was)Volumia!
I am a leader of the Scouting group of Overloon.
Perhaps you wanted to know.
And... I like to give away free gifts!!!

I am a member of Viduus Ovidius , the world famous group of friends.
Check out the photos of our holidays! They are available from the Italy tour '94,
the Hungary tour '96 and the France tour '97.
Take your time to view them... if you can find them.
At the moment I am reorganizing the site, so it takes a while before I finish some cool photo albums.
I am still working on the main page of Viduus Ovidius
It is now still only a page with links to the other sites, but I want to make a nice graphic environment.
I hate the ugly blue links, but the problem with graphics is that you may overlook a link. So watch carefully!
One more thing: I don't use message text (on the bottom of your screen)
because I like to see where I jump to myself too. Am I alone in this opinion?
Enough talked about myself, why don't you tell me a little more about yourself?!
Visit my site often, because there are often new pages and continuous updates.
When you entered this site via http://surf.to/martijn you are trapped in a frame. Sorry about that, it is just the way it is. Make sure your sound system is powered and LOUD!
This site can best be viewed with Netscape 3.01 or better. Are you sure you want to use Microsoft Internet Explorer on this?
This website has been tested for use with webTV and net.box, but you'd better use a computer.

You are seeing this site in its last days of its current existence.
I hope to get the new layout ready soon. This page hasn't really changed its looks since 1995, when it was created by the very first Geocities editor.

Most pictures are buttons with links or email. Check it out!

Here's a little entertainment...

For more fun, look at my entertainment page. The link is here below, or click on the cartoon.

Quote of the 2nd Millenium (will hold into the third), by a DJ on the dutch radio station Radio 3, between the DJ and a caller from Vierlingsbeek (NL):
DJ:"Vierlingsbeek? Where the heck is that? Oh, wait, I remember, it's near Overloon, right?"
(I know. It's hard to understand the fun of it if you are an outsider)

Note: Radio 3 is not my favorite radio station. I normally listen to JFK and mostly to Veronica FM (they play Van Halen at least once every day).

Links to other sites on the Web

De Digitale Stad Amsterdam
Sweden chatbox
My entertainment site
My Windsurfing site with free lessons
My Van Halen site
My racing site

I would like to greet:

My friends from Sweden:


and all other friends, especially the other guys from Viduus Ovidius




Please, write me if you like to be or not to be in the list.

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Thank you!
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