|- A little About me -|

Born: April 30, 1986 in Estherville, IA. I was formerly from Spirit Lake, IA then I moved to Estherville, IA. I currently live with my Mom, Sister, and Step-family.

I have one sister (Holly) she is 20 and a Sophomore in college. I have 2 step siblings (Zach and Lindsay) Zach is 15. Lindsay is 20, also a Sophomore in college. Lindsay attends the University of Iowa. GO HAWKS!

Some of my good friends include: Karms, Sara, Craig, Katie, Tif, Jen, Kristi, Alli, Steph, Andi, Ash, Beth, Whit, Mitch,and Matty Fatty. If I forgot ya...sorry...

Music-wise I like everything from Linkin' Park, System of a Down, POD, to 80's Music, Frank Sinatra, rap, Metallica, Weezer, and pretty much everything except country. Instrumental/Classical isn't bad either. I'm content with pretty much any kind of music except country.

I go to Estherville-Lincoln Central High School...home of the 'Mighty Midgets' I love Basketball and I used to play Volleyball. When I am older I would like to either be a Physical Therapist, or Psychiatrist.

I am a big fan of Duke Basketball and I like Iowa Football.