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Hi!! I'm Jan, known as Dallas Redhead in my favorite chat room, Fortysomething Chat at Webchat. I lived in California for almost 30 years, the last 15 in the renowned North State, before moving to Dallas, Texas in January, 1998 (more on that down the page). I have a 16-year-old son named Doug, who's absolutely great (except when he's arguing with me). He's an only child (and that makes me an only mama??? *confused smile*) and the light of my life. It's certainly interesting, to say the least, to live with someone who knows absolutely everything on most subjects *smirk*.

I have an "adopted" daughter, Tanya, and and a son-in-law in her wonderful husband, Kojack. I couldn't love them more if they were my own blood. They have truly lightened my load in so many ways and filled my life with a love that was lacking. Tanya blessed me with two fantastic "granddaughters". The picture was taken at Christmastime,1997, when she was four months pregnant. She has since had a marvelous little boy, Joseph Lee, born on May 12, 1998, to very proud parents, sisters, and several grandparents. I am truly blessed that they are in my life.

I'm somewhat of a workaholic (paralegal, entrepreneur, mom, organizer, expediter, homework helper, cook and otherwise domestic slave), an Internet addict (there's no cure, I've been told), a Photoshop fanatic, a gourmet cook, an emerging herbalist, and a committed Christian.


Say hello to Tom, whom I met in a chat room in November, 1996. With Tom, I explored the phenomenon of a "cyber love affair". It surprised me to find I could fall in love with a man I had never met, but that is just what happened. He became my love and my life for a year and a half. Tom lived in Dallas, and, when I visited him, something happened to me that had only happened once before in my life--I also fell in love with a city (the only other one was Las Vegas). So... I moved to Dallas in January, 1998, to begin a new chapter in the book of my life with Tom, to get to know him better and in time become his wife. Unfortunately, this chapter does not have a happy ending. He very graciously allowed me to leave my home and job, a sick mother and a pregnant daughter, go heavily into debt and move to a strange city with no job just to be close to him. Then he walked away, callously and coldly, without so much as a goodbye. You can read the brief version of how things stood right after he left at this site. My revenge will be a successful life in Dallas, which has already begun with me accepting a job offer making more money than he does.. *smirk* Ahhhh, but revenge can indeed be sweet..

As I am fond of saying, life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, and sometimes it throws you for a loop. Along with the joys, my life has had MANY hardships.. I have had two failed marriages, and I guess I'm better off for the lessons learned. My health has not always been the best: I have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), as does my son. Unfortunately, mine was not diagnosed till I was in my 40's, so I was forced to endure the long-term physical and emotional abuse heaped on many people with this disorder, and that greatly affected the rest of my life in my ability, or lack of it, to deal with stress and confrontation. I also have rheumatoid arthritis (common in double-jointed people), carpal tunnel syndrome (post operative), chronic fatigue syndrome, and diabetes. Although this may sound awfully gruesome, I also have the constant presence of a faithful and loving God to help me through it all.


I'm a legal secretary of many years standing, currently working in Dallas' oldest law firm and one of its largest and most prestigious.. And, as if that isn't enough to do, I also own Sky River Enterprises, providing database services, notary services, and word processing support to whomever needs it..

On the side, I sell CellTech Super Blue Green Algae products. I take Super Blue Green Algae myself every day, and it has made a major difference in my energy and mental outlook, not to mention my ability to cope with stress. Please feel free to browse on over to the Cell Tech home page to check out the product line.

Lately, I've taken an interest in downloadable communication programs (okay, they're chat programs!!), such as Powwow, mIRC and ICQ

I adore cats, especially long-hairs. Before I left California, I had 2 female long-haired American whites and 1 female Himalayan Siamese, plus a black long-haired male cat named Stinker. "Dogs drool, and cats rule." Here is my kitty gallery:

Unfortunately, I was forced to choose only one cat to make the move with me, so Sheba (my oldest) made the journey, and I found good homes for the others.

I really love fantasy art, as done best, in my opinion, by Boris Vallejo. His subjects are legendary, dramatic and awesome, the workmanship superb, with great attention to detail. Some great sites to visit to get a feel for his work are:

Of course, Hajime Sorayama and Olivia DeBerardinis also deserve raves as great artists of the female form, as do Alberto Vargas, Billy DeVorss, Joe Linsner, Jennifer Janesko, Teddy Kimer, Patrick Nagel and many others of the pin-up artists of the 40's through the present and the great illustrators and airbrush artists of the present day. I enjoy their work tremendously, and my collection currently boasts in excess of 7,000 images. In the future, I plan some art pages on this homepage, but at present, you can search for some of these artists by using any of the great search engines sites, like Dogpile

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