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Welcome to my web page.  I am Steve-o.  I am from Wisconsin. Home of the frozen Tundra, Lambeau Field.  It's a fun place to visit.  I actually live about 80 miles east of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, but I could, would never be a Vikings fan.  Sorry, the Pack is my team! 
I am currently a student at
UW- Eau Claire.  I also work at Xcel Energy part time.  It's a good place to work and I really enjoy  the people that I work with also.

If you wanna comtact me, feel free to use the Email link on the right or IM me.  My AIM is -bigsteveofromwi.  My Yahoo is schuettsj.  my MSN is grappler9@hotmail.com.  Feel free to see if I am on, and feel free to say hi.



P.S.  I will be including some links for photos.  For now, look at my Yahoo! Photo's page for my pictures from Mexico.
My pic... kind of old though.
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