Anyone know how to hide a tape recorder in your shoe?

Audio Boots

My rules for audio trading

-Use Maxell Type II cassettes, or we can agree on a comparable grade/brand.
-Do not send cases.
-I accept 2:1. That is, I'll accept two blank tapes for each show you want.
-Send using first class postage.
-No highspeed dubbing or Dolby noise reduction.
-I trade per SHOW, not per TAPE.
-Do not write on labels.
-Include set list and exact date of show, if known.

1977 (?) Atlantic Studios/live with Bon Scott/A+

1995(?) MTV Unplugged/A+

1995 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas/fm recording/A+

1972 Wicked Lester/demos/approx 30min/A
1973 KISS demos/4 songs/from CD/A+
1976 London/Destroyer tour/approx 40min/B
1988 Japan/fm recording/Crazy Nights tour/A
1993 KISS on Howard Stern show(2 episodes)/day after Eric died and the show where Gene confronts Howard's treatment of Eric's death/part 1 A- part 2 B+
1995 St. Louis/Konvention "Unplugged"/aud/approx 90min/A
1996 REUNION SHOW, Dallas, TX, Reunion Arena/aud/A (except for last three songs which are faded)

Nine Inch Nails
1994 Atlanta,GA/90min/A+

1991 Dallas, TX/4 live songs and one studio with Rob Halford/A+

SMFs/Twisted Sister/Widowmaker/Misc.
SMFs 1994/ORIGINAL SMF LINEUP with members of Marilyn Manson and NIN/Rockbridge, NYC,NY/A+
TS 19?? Original Demos (3 Songs)/A (one small flaw in one song)
TS 1979/Piscataway,NJ/90min/B
TS 1979/Club Detroit/fm recording/45min/B to C
TS 1980/2001 Club/(show 1)70min/B+
TS 1980/2001 Club/(show 2)40min/B+ (last song cut)
TS 1980/Portchester,NY/fm recording/Under the Blade tour/A
TS studio demos and tracks not released in US/from vinyl/A
TS 1983/L'Amour,Brooklyn/70min/A
TS 1983/Monsters of Rock, Castle Donington/40min/fm recording/A+
TS 1986/Hammersmith Odeon,London/Come Out and Play tour/B+
TS 1986/Capital Center,Largo/Come Out and Play tour/A- to B
TS 1987/Minneapolis/FINAL TWISTED SHOW/Suckers tour/B- to C for collectors only
W 1995/New York/Stand By for Pain tour/A
Dee Snider on the Howard Stern Show promoting the first Widwomaker album "Blood and Bullets". This show was the first attempt at Butt-Bongo for the Stern Show

1983 Germany/A

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