What you all think!

jen - 10/13/00 02:23:15
My Email:jenniferhenri@hotmail.com
Location: yahoo
Hi I've loved curious george for the past 18 years and im going to get him tattooed on my back this weekend so i was looking for a picture great website!!! Jen

Valeen - 09/29/00 23:11:32
My URL:http://oocities.com/snoopyvr
My Email:snoopyvr@yahoo.com
Location: Bay Area, CA
I have loved Curious George forever too! Glad to see you devoting some space to this cute lil monkey.

- 09/28/00 16:58:52

kelly smith - 07/21/00 22:03:32
My Email:sweetangel21180@aol.com
I wanted to let you know that I love curious george and that i'm very glad that you have dedicated some time to him.He's been my favorite cartoon character since I can remember.I have a nine month old son that I want to grow up loving too.I've have seen a few other web sites with him, if you have the time to email me back, would you please let me know some of the other sites you were able to find,also a store that I can his items to buy? Thank You. Sincerely, Kelly Smith sweetangel21180@aol.com

Amy - 06/06/00 17:05:28
My URL:http://aol
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Location: Texas
Thank you soooooooo much for having this page it is sooooooo cute i just love it. I have loved curious george for ever and this is just wonderful.

Cynthia - 05/28/00 17:42:17
My Email:sassysindy123@aol.com
Location: Arizona
kooooooooooooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I got to say. I love that little monkey and I give you props for showing what you have to offer>

matt - 05/07/00 13:10:16
My URL:thats correct
My Email:no
Location: shwa
wow nice page, but i think your nickname is gay. look me up if you want. icq# 30887848

Joe - 04/29/00 20:37:56
Location: california
PS... Please Don't stereotype me FYI I am a White American Male who is sick of this racist literature. I don't want to ruin your day but please read between the lines!

Joe - 04/29/00 20:31:54
Location: california
great web page, cute pictures, but a story about a MONKEY from AFRICA being captured and brought to AMERICA by THE MAN! COME ON!!! What are we telling our kids?!! This story may have passed in th fifties but come on people GROW UP!! (I also LIKED CG as a kid, but come on it's time to open your eyes!)

micah - 03/10/00 00:34:10
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/micahtx
ENjoyed the visit, it is a great site!!!

DonTacos - 02/10/00 20:31:03
Location: WienerWuerstelLand
jaja pyro

Pyro - 02/10/00 20:24:15
My Email:pyromail@gmx.de
Location: Germany
Thatīs German and means "HI". If u have Icq I have the #55779661 Nette Page

serena - 02/03/00 06:00:29
Location: Alberta
This is pritty cool I have allways loves the books and I thought thats all there was but it is neet to look at all of this. I did not think any one els liked him as much as i. I have a tattto of him on my back. They should have more things in the storis t by. Thanks for the exiting experiance.

Jorge - 02/02/00 04:13:33
My Email:napaprettyboy@yahoo.com
Location: northern CA
i love curious george, my name is george in spanish and i am about to get a tatoo of him on my calf!

Jonn E. Boots - 01/27/00 23:08:19
My URL:http://www.expage.com/page/woozymonkey
My Email:CuriousMonkey@yahoo.com
Location: AV MN USA

mossy master - 01/27/00 12:50:44
My URL:http://www.oocities.orgmossy_master
My Email:mossy_master@hotmail.com
Location: oshawa ontario

Matthew - 01/27/00 04:34:58
My Email:mathu@mindspring.com
Location: Florence,AL
I really enjoyed the web site and the music. Where did you get the MIDI music?

jenifer - 01/10/00 00:07:07
My Email:jenifer012@aol.com
Location: LINY
Awesome website, what was the music that was playing? jen

Complainer - 12/24/99 14:40:16
My URL:http://www.chickpages.com/brainiacs/dustspeck
My Email:wondafairy@aol.com
It's alright. I mean could be much more fun, little content, as a happy website owner myself, let's just say, no one cares what you think. Show us the goodies.

Laura Reich - 12/13/99 11:22:49
My Email:lkreich@u.arizona.edu
I love George!

10/11/99 09:11:45
Name: Girls of ICQ My URL: Visit Me
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Cool page. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook

Meghan - 09/17/99 15:53:35
Nice site. Check out mine!

Nancy - 07/20/99 02:28:53
My Email:eiffud19@aol.com
Location: nc
I love Curious George! He is so cute, and this is an awesome web page!

nevada - 07/07/99 19:18:26
My Email:can't tell
Location: yahoo
cool i love curious george and so do you you should send me some cool curious george stuff

mearples - 06/22/99 22:28:36
My URL:http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/manicstreet/628/
My Email:mearples@hotmail.com
Location: VA
Nice site. It is always good to see more Curious George Sites. One thing though your midis arent working so call in the pepsi man to fix em

*butterflie - 06/14/99 17:42:43
My URL:http://www.gurlpages.com/me/crazy_ladybug/startpage.html
My Email:nsyncluva_no1@yahoo.com
Location: kentucky
i haven't visited the whole site yet but i'm sure it's great...i read that silly hidden message story and am very disapointed at myself for not picking up any messages. Just so i don't bug myself trying to figure them out, could you pretty please tell me? oh yeah, what is with all these people signing such crazy un-understandable things in your guest book, could you explain that to me too?

06/09/99 08:41:51
Name: ICQ Gal My URL: Visit Me
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Website de Nice. Agradecimentos para deixar-me assinar seu guestbook

jennifer jasensky - 03/16/99 03:21:30
My Email:jjexercise@earthlink.net
I love Curious George too. Thanks for the web site.

chrissy - 03/12/99 14:44:28
My Email:ra_tayles@yahoo.com
Location: huh?
Hi MARTINA...OOPS DAMN CAPS lock! Well we're in the library and I just felt like writing something here. Byeee! From Chrissy :0)

Kristin Ashcraft - 02/15/99 01:51:26
My Email:narles19@hotmail.com
Your page was cute but I was looking for pictures that I could print out. Do you know of any pages that have that?

Jesus - 01/23/99 04:30:01
My Email:Jesus@hotmail.com
Location: Heaven
I would like to be the first to bless this page. It's good to know that you spend your time resisting the temptations of life like drugs and pre-marital sex by creating wholsome web pages the whole family can view together. A spot as been reseved for yo next to me for eterity my child, bless you and your page.

Chris Knapp - 12/31/98 00:18:40
My Email:cknapp@acmex.com
Location: cleveland, OH
I am expecting my first child and I am looking for George items for the baby room. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Chris Knapp

psycho chick - 12/30/98 03:41:54
My Email:crayongrrl1@yahoo.com
Location: canada

Patricia Boetto - 12/22/98 19:26:11
My Email:patsa911@hotmail.com
Location: Ajax, Ontario

Katherine .D. - 11/29/98 17:16:22
Hey Honey! howz it goin? anyway so I wish u luck with ur sweetie Scott. Only if u wish me luck with my sweetie Bruce!!!! I wish u the world of happiness!!! cos u deserve it , so bye- for now miss u lot's! lov always Kat Katherine Dicks

alex button - 11/29/98 17:07:37
HI. That was cooooooool!!!!!!!! all fie dnsjwk ekffjr cndjw vbfhd nvjsi ch cheruf dhjc fhskfd

Jenn - 11/24/98 02:39:44
My URL:http://nooooooooo
My Email:jenn_banks@hotmail.com
Location: Alberta!!
Hey hey martini . haha remember when my dad used to call you that? anyways..I was boerd..and decided to check out your page AGAIN..yay me! breaker high kicks SO much ass!!! HEY..and I have new pics scanned to show you!!! but you're never on icq! tsk tsk.. vil girl..

Chuck Howerd - 10/27/98 18:01:21
Hi its Chuck!!!

sazy the cowy poo - 10/15/98 21:33:52
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/LoVv
My Email:croft.lara@ilovelara.com
Location: here
Wow Martina you rule.. and you like old guys. so there

10/08/98 22:24:01
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing. Thanks.

Sarah - 10/08/98 20:47:30
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Makeup/1121
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Location: in my clothes, sitting on a chair in the computer room on the 2nd floor, in my house on a court in Oshawa in Ontario
Yeah woooo. i like coming back to your page. heh. doo wop shoo bop. bye.. foop

Adam Strong - 10/08/98 00:21:01
Location: Ajax
Hey Martina cool site! Love the Curious George page : ) Anyways I give it a ***** (star) rating

Jim the gay biker - 10/01/98 18:40:44
My URL:http://dykesonbikes.com
My Email:Gayjim@hotmail.com
Location: California
Great page. You should add a section dealing with gay rights though. Being a homosexual myself, I know the lack of gay pages on the net today. I know your boyfriend too...he's a real asshole. Once he threw my gerbils off a 3 story building, then sold hem to nuns as hot dogs. I'd like to shout out to all my gay friends, you know who you are. I love you all, BEHAVE!

Andrew McNamara (Espisito) - 09/28/98 03:21:50
My URL:http://www.athenet.net/~mcnamara
My Email:mcnamara@athenet.net
Location: Stockbridge, WI
I liked your page. I'm sure that it's going to get more pictures and stuff like that as time goes on. I forwarded your url to president Clinton in hopes that he'll visit your page to experience the same enjoyment as I.

Robert Mendoza - 09/18/98 19:47:39
My URL:http://home.talkcity.com/backbeatblvd/inblew
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Location: Brownsville, Texas
Hello - I just dropped and wanted to say hi! Nice place you got here! :)

Cindy - 09/10/98 08:19:56
My URL:http://www.0001011.com/users/cindy
My Email:cinth@usa.net
comment: Nice page.... please come visit my site :-) Thanks, Cindy

Jenn Banks - 09/07/98 18:48:16
My URL:http://biteme.akjsdlfnbxz
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wow. super neat. AMAZING. I'm so proud of you martini. ha.

Kristen Lake - 09/04/98 18:10:06
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/Studio/1693
I had to do it again cuz I put the wrong url address. Sarah likes smelly old guys, bye.

Kristen Lake - 09/04/98 18:05:23
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/1693
My Email:kristen_lake@yahoo.com
Location: Oshawa
Hi Olive Poo!!!! Sooo...Whats up? I see. You should go to my page soon even though it's not exactly done yet but it will be soon. I started it yesterday. I like your page it's so nifty ( i said nifty) Well thats all, Bye.

Scott - 09/03/98 16:48:41
My Email:scoot@interlinks.net ?
Location: SkidsVille
Ok I guess my second entry has to be a serious one? Well thanks for at least including my name in your page..it's nice to be recognized as such a large percentage of your life! There should be a large section here devoted to me acutally but..oh well. S that now you have your vast empire of geocities pages I hope you still have time for me! If I ever get a page done you can link it to yours so I'll be cool too. Love ya babe

Kevin Lawrence - 09/03/98 02:05:06
My URL:http://www.wp.com/102131
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Location: Ajax, ON
Good job :o) And nice pic hehehh you're such a cuttie!

Terrrance - 09/03/98 00:16:43
My URL:http://www3.sympatico.ca/anke.berndt
My Email:anke.berndt@sympatic.ca
Location: Trenton Ontario
Hey, LoVv sent me and told me that if I didn't sign the guestbook she would beat me up.. Nice page by the way. Good organization.... and Curious George Roxs!!!

LoVv - 09/03/98 00:05:11
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Makeup/1121/index.html
My Email:croft.lara@ilovelara.com
Location: my computer
This is the best page i have ever seen in my entire life. it tops alllll the Van Halen pages. i just love it. it is so good, i could eat it alive.

Appocolypse - 09/02/98 19:12:52
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Area51/Corridor/3024
My Email:appocolypse@rocketmail.com
Location: About 40 minutes from TO
This page was great, I have trouble beleive that this was your first page you ever created, and your pic, wow. If you look that incredably beautiful in the pic, I think I would passout meeting you in real life...:) Your bud Appocolypse

Scoot - 09/01/98 17:32:54
WOW! THis is without a doubt the best home page I have ever seen! I can't wait to tell all my family members about it! Wait till the church hears too! It's so nice to see teens devoting there time and precious web space to jesus. Bless you my child!

Martina - 09/01/98 04:25:38
My URL:You're at it right now ;)
My Email:retinyl@hotmail.com
Location: Ontario, Canada
Well, I figured I had better start my guestbook somehow, so it might as well be by me! hehe Anyways..I hopefully will have my page up and running soon! I have never done this before so it may take a little while! Hang in there! Ta-ta for now!

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