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Vårfest -98!
Kulturföreningen Folköl Sölvesborg presenterar HEROES - en helkväll!
Lördagen den 28:e mars
Hos KFS, utanför världsmetropolen Sölvesborg.

Insläpp 18.00

Entrè: 100:-, förköp på postgiro 619 19 43 - 7, senast den 20 mars. Det går bra att betala i dörren också, men då kan vi inte garantera att det finns platser kvar.

Klä dig vettigt!
Ett begränsat antal sovplatser finns - vid behov, kontakat oss i god tid!
Mat och förfriskningar finns att köpa i baren hela kvällen.

Ring FOLKÖL för mer info: 0708-95 37 99!


19 june 1997:

Two new sites to look on:

The history of the Heroes

Garm, the nextcoming cd

A consert in august

7 april 1997:

Three more song's ready for recording. Soon folks...

5 march 1997:

TWO more song's ready for recording. we're getting closer...

One is called GARM , kind of toy dolls... fast rock 'n' roll.

1 march 1997:


Made it to Studio Valhall in Nyköping 6 pm friday 31/1, Ubbe was waiting. Grabbed a beer, picked up the guitars and closed the doors...-the tape is rolling...GO! Recorded 7 (seven) songs in high speed in 3 days.
Friday and saturday needed lots of beer and we even checked out the town (bars!) in the evenings. Lots of "-duva"-talk. Listened to "Florence" (Toy Dolls) for about 200 times and we even checked out some other "oldies".

The following songs is now recorded:

  1. My Crime (to know the truth is my crime)
  2. Therapy (some things never change)
  3. Commercial Suck (fast and heavy)
  4. Infect Me (inject your lies into my mind -loud & heavy)
  5. Power (ballad)
  6. Feelings (in my mind i'm always free -fast & heavy)
  7. Suicidal Future (you knew this day would come)

All these songs (and more) will be on the new CD "My Crime" and will be out in the spring/summer -97.

14 january 1997:

At the moment we rehearse three times a week.

We´ve also spent alot of time answering mails and updating news on the net.


12 january 1997:

Heroes will be in the studio from 31 jan - ? There will be a new album (the workname for it is My Crime) and will be finnished later in the spring 1997. The songs is fast, loud and heavy - and we also have a ballad called Power ready for recording.

9 january 1997:

We still have some t-shirts "devils game" left.


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