MoIsT PiCtUrEs!!

Here are some Moist Pictures. As requested I have changed the format of this page. I got a couple from Erin's site.(thanks Erin!) To download these pics, just click on the right button of your mouse and save them. Enjoy!!

This is one of two promotional pictures of the band.

And this is the other one!

This has to be one of my faves! It is an amazing pic of Mark! (thanks Paul!)

Paul and Mark....stancing!

Mark at MuchMusic.

Jeff at MuchMusic.

Awww! Look at Mark!

This is a cute little picture of David.

And this is another one!

Speaking of cute pictures...

Here's a good picture of Kevin, there just aren't enough of him out there! (Ok, so he's surrounded by IME guys, but thats ok)

Paul...just look at it!

This is a picture of the Mark and Dave.

I like this one, it's just another cool picture!

The pullout from the Creature CD.

And, one more picture of the band!

This picture is of my friend Amanda and Mark It was taken outside MusiquePlus after the enligne.

These are some pictures that Laura sent me. They were taken at the MuchMusic I&I...they're great!

What the hell are you doing Dave?? (Mark is wondering the same thing!)

This is Mark with his acoustic

Mark and David

An excellent pic of David!

And, an excellent pic of Jeff!

Kevin...kinda spaced!

Just another one of those pictures of David..

These are some pictures that Patty, graciously, gave to me! (thank you!!) They were taken from both concerts at Fredericton, and Moncton.

Gee, did you know Paul likes to show off his belly??

Dave loves interacting with his fans!

Dave just chillin!

Mark with one of his famous "faces"!

This is a good one of Jeff!

Ok, so they are all good, but here's a good one of Mark too!

These new pictures were taken at the concert in Fredericton, NB on February 22. In my opinion, I must say, these are some of the best pictures of the guys I have seen! And, no they were not taken by please ask for permission if you wish to use them, thanks.

Dave near the end of the concert.

Kevin really into his keyboard!

Jeff puts his heart into singing Silver!!

And, Mark just being himself and having a great time!

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