SuRvEy ReSuLtS!!

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Favorite song from Silver
Push 50
Silver 26
Believe Me 26
Machine Punch Through 20
Picture Elvis 13
Into Everything 7
This Shrieking Love 5
Kill For You 4
Break Her Down 4
Freaky Be Beautiful 3
Low Low Low 2

Favorite song from Creature
Tangerine 37
Shotgun 31
Ophelia 17
Leave It Alone 16
Ressurection 16
Baby Skin Tattoo 10
Gasoline 13
Disco Days 8
Hate 5
Creature 7
Theme From Cola 3
Better Than You 1

Favorite CD
Creature 109
Silver 47

Favorite Video
Ressurection (live) 54
Tangerine 35
Push 20
Ressurection 30
Leave It Alone 9
Believe Me 6
Silver 9
Freaky Be Beautiful 1

Favorite Cutie
Dave Usher 76
Mark Makowy 14
Jeff Pearce 10
Kevin Young 8
Stan (road manager) 6
Paul Wilcox 5

And, can we please just remember that some questions on this survey are just for FUN, so please stop sending me letters whining that they are unfair questions! (And, Paul, you can blame Mark S. for that extra vote for was him!)

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