Welcome to MJViLLe.. MJ's world.  This site is a personal site that I started when I was about fourteen years old.  There really was no purpose when I started this site except for the fact that I thought it would be a cool thing to do.  But now that I am updating it, I'm using it as a site which people can visit to see what my world is all about. 

For those of you who managed to wander into MJViLLe, this site may mean nothing.. but for those individuals who have shared a part of their lives with me, this website may bring a smile and may retrieve a few good memories.

So, feel free to explore MJViLLe and enjoy what I have to provide.  There is also a website that I built as a tribute to my favorite band, The Beatles.  It is just one of the
many website that pay respects to this legendary group that has revolutionized rock and roll.
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All photos on this website (EXCEPT for those on "#9 Dream, a Beatles Tribute" website) are by MaryJo Avila.  If you would like to use these photos, please e-mail me at mj.avila@musician.net.  Thank You.
Copyright 2004, by MJ
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