My first vacation in 9 years.

A brief apology. The first 3 rolls of film
where too fast and of low quaility, not to
mention Xrayed 7 times.

This is me figuring out how to work the camera.
If anybody knows what TV show this was, let me know.

Thumbnails from here on.

This is my plane from Memphis to Cincy.
A Boeing 737, The goal of this mission is
to fly on a 747. Got everything but.

This is my plane from Cincy to Laguardia.
A Boeing 727, I've flown on both of these before.

I wandered the Empire state. The first
thing I bought was an umbrella. This weather sucks

It got better

Gee, I could go shopping. Na, it's no Walmart.

Did I mention the weather? This is actually
better. Damn, them are some tall ass towers.

This is my hotel in Manhatton. 3 blocks
from the Empire State building.

This was kinda cool.

From the boat.

Ah, Manhattan.

Damn, that's a ways up.

This is my Airbus A300 to.....

Thanks for watching.