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Dear Sir,
Recently while searching the web, we came across your internet site.
While reviewing the site, it looks like you have some concerns with
Packard Bell NEC that we may be able to assist you with. If you wouldn't
mind taking a few moments to speak with me, I am confident that we can
address the concerns which prompted your page.

I am normally available Monday through Friday
(except Thursdays), between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM by calling (.
If you prefer, I may also be contacted by fax at (.


Nathan Brock
Customer Satisfaction
Packard Bell NEC, Inc.


I'm glad people see things my way...

Dave's list of FAQ

What does FAQ stand for? I'm not sure, but I get ask that a lot.
hey I got a Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE32 PNp sound card and I was
wondering if I could hook up a teac 6x cd player to it
right now its running off the ide hookup thing
I would like to clear up this slot in case I would like to hook up a 4th
hard drive
I've done it myself. Should have no problems
Why does my Diamond PCI video card not work in WINDOWS 3.11 Enchanced mode? Unit not plugged in.
My family recently got a new Packard Bell C110 Mulimedia Computer and I am wondering if you know where I can get and updated driver and what driver I should get. I have a 14.4 + Sound Card modem (SOUND144). Because applications like Netscape's CoolTalk and Intel's Internet Phone do not work properly. thank You.
Packard Bell
Tech Support - 800-733-4411
But I dought they will help you. They've already got your money. If you send
me the model #, I'll see if I can track them down.

I have a Packard Bell (and, I know, your sympathy) model 740, which is a
486SX 20 or 25 megaherz. I would like to upgrade the speed. There is
nothing I can do about the SX. Can I effectively install a faster cpu
chip? What are the upper limits to the chip speed that can be put in?
Most of these boards have an overdrive socket. This will increase speed, but probably isn't worth it.
The only other way is a new board, (case, controller, video card, keyboard, memory). That's why I don't like Packard Bell.

I just switched full time to Windows NT.

I just bought it to help out Bill Gates.

Dave's teaser

How do I get Windows NT's Dial up to work? I, of course, know the answer. I'm testing, you the reader's, knowledge.

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