Twyla is . . .
Fun Facts:
Casper is a girl, and she prefers female humans.
She's a feminist cat!
She is named Casper, like the friendly ghost, who is white like her.
She prefers female humans, but prefers male cats.
More about my pet:
Casper lives in Sun Valley, in an apartment with me. She likes to jump in my lap and attack anything that moves. She keeps me company. Her hair is very soft. She is affectionate with most people, especially to my friends.
Her boyfriend, Krazy, lives down the street. They like to roll around and play.
She purrs if you pet her behind the ears, especially  her left one.
Likes: Dislikes:
- going to the vet

- enclosed spaces

- vegetables

- dogs

- water, baths

- female humans, especially Terry

- playing with toy mice

- long naps

- purring and stretching

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