All That Remains of Room 800
So...years and years ago, this used to be a page. Back in something like 1994 I made shit happen on Geocities. But now, I'm a grown-up. Can you believe it? I'm a grown-up. Time has caught up with me and it shows. I don't have any cool links, I have very few pictures.

It's not the end, per se...I'm in college now, close to graduating. I do my thing and I'm very happy.

If you stumbled upon this page, God help you because I don't know how. It must have been random as shit. But thanks for finding me. Feel free to check out my real, university sanctioned website. It has more stuff on it. Not better stuff, but more stuff.

So, why do I still have this page? I don't me nostalgic. That's all I really am.
Where else, you might ask...
That other page
The real deal
Circa Jan 2002...If you only knew!