The Orchestra


Rune is the progressive song writer in Crash-site. He was the initiater of the band. After a long journey he felt he had so much on his heart he had to let it out. He had back in the old days played in a punk band called SDOD together with Mathias and Jonas. After that he played in along time in a band called Searching for Demone (later just Search), after a short carrier in a band with Mathias which didn't go anywhere he went to Asia.

Rune currently also plays bass (on Mathias' actually) in Learning from Las Vegas


Mathias is Mr. Ear in Crash-site with his musicality and love of music he gives Crash-site that little touch which makes it unique he sometimes writes some long and very special songs else he acts as the director on the arranging side. He ended up here after several tries with Jonas and Rune.


Hanne is the third member she got in last, because something was missing she has musical history dating way back and is so cross genre that nobody can keep track of where she comes from or where she's going.

She has played alot of different music and has now ended up with these three guys and are keeping them from just playing plain old punk-rock. With her beautiful voice she gives the music that last touch it needs.


Hello! - well I'm the drummer. Together with Mathias I make up the rhytmic backbone in Crash-site, I give the songs drive and 'try' to keep things tight from behind my drums. I'm also the maintainer of these pages.., September 19, 1995.