Gig page for Crash-site.


PROPDENOPPOPKLOP's "jul i juni" party

On the 17th of June Crash-site played for the first time in PROPDENOPPOPKLOP at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen. together with Düreforsøg and Greenfyder.


The first time Crash-site played at Biobar was on the 7th. of April '95 the evening was enchanted and everybody was happy..


On Saturday 16th of December something beautiful happened. In PROPDENOPPOPKLOP at Stengade 30 in Copenhagen two bands played live. Mew and Crash-site

A warm up job for THAU

On friday the 8th. of march Crash-site played 4 songs acoustic, as a warm up for THAU.

A marathon concert

On saturday the 9th. of march Crash-site played at a marathon concert together with 3 other bands..

A warm up job for Thau

On friday the 12th. of April Crash-site played a real warm up job for Thau they concert was quite good after problems with the power supply which f... up the sound test!, September 19, 1995.