Eric's Pearl Jam CD-R/VHS/VCD Trading Page

Eric's Pearl Jam CD-R/VHS/VCD Trading Page

last updated 6/1/05 (finally after 2 years!!!)

"...this young man wrote me... said he had this tape, it was a bootleg, and his girlfriend who he broke up with a year ago stole the tape - bitch!" : Eddie Vedder 9/26/96

What I want/ you want?
Because of mp3's and official bootlegs, I have got kind of lazy updating this page the last 3 years. Anyway, I'm looking for VCD's. I have some pretty low generation VHS tapes that I can copy onto VHS. Or I can also convert some of my older cassettes onto CD. For those who are anti mp3's, I have some "clean" CDs.

I do not sell, only trade - which has been OK'ed by the band. For any trades, questions and comments email

What Rules?
  • on CDr/minidisc trades, please use brand name discs
  • CDr trades - record disc-at-once (DAO), record in no more than 2x-4x speed (no clicks or pops), Exact Audio Copy preferred
  • include any relavant information (sources/mics, grades, generations used for the recording)
  • use some form of protection when shipping, 1st class
  • not interested in most mp3 sourced shows

    CDR list - click here

    Cassette/Minidisc list - click here
    *not actively trading cassettes - I will only convert a cassette to CDR if a higher quality version does not exist

    VHS list - click here

    NOTHING TO TRADE? A good site to check out is The Sky I Scrape. They will point you in the right direction. If you need any trading advice email me and I'll help you out as best as possible.

    Other Pearl Jam trading resources

    For any trades, questions or comments I'm at:

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    This page was designed for collecting and trading "live recordings", not the illegal selling/bootlegging of live/rare music. I DO NOT SELL any of my tapes, so please don't ask.

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