Giants Will Fall Family Tree

4 friends during school summer holidays with nothing better to do.  T. Rex's "Ride A White Swan" was their favourite song.

Trinity I
Robin and Roy wanted to be rock stars so they formed this band - then learnt to play!

The Lads
Formed with a couple of school friends. Plenty of songs with titles like "Suicide" and "Bitter And Twisted"!!

Brief sojourn for Geoff in the closest he'd yet come to a real band. Did Bowie covers and some original stuff.

The Blues Brothers
A band who "messed about and enjoyed themselves"!

Fatal Vision
Formed in 2nd year of Junior School. Did 2 school assemblies then split.

Mark 2
Seemed like a good idea at the time as Squil was going out with the drummer. Did mainly Duran Duran covers.

Mediaeval Fete
Another school-formed band. Played Adelphi and the strrets of Beverley. Main aim to raise money for charity which they did - over £1500.

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