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Hey, I see you've reached my Cake lyrics page. I hope you find it useful since Cake has written some really great lyrics, but didn't include them in album. Okay, for those of you who inquired, the reason I didn't include the lyrics for Motorcade of Generosity or their new album, Proloning the Magic is because when I first made this site, there weren't any pages out there that had Cake lyrics. Now, everywhere you look, you'll find lyrics to Cake songs. So, if you're looking for the lyrics to their first album, scroll down and click on Links. That should lead you to sites that have what you're looking for. I thank the people who have sent in lyrics, and credit is given where credit is deserved. Also, I'd like to thank Cake for writing these lyrics and songs, because without you, I wouldn't be writting this right now.

1. Frank Sinatra (4:00)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
2. The Distance (3:01)
(G. Brown/G.P. Brown Pub./BMI)
3. Friend Is A Four Letter Word (3:22)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
4. Open Book (3:45)
(J. McCrea/G. Brown/Stamen Music/BMI)
5. Daria (3:44)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
6. Race Car Ya-Yas (1:21)
(G. Brown/V. Damiani/V. di Flore/J. McCrea/T. Roper/Stamen Music/BMI)
7. I Will Survive (5:11)
(F.J. Perren/D. Ferres/Southern Music Publishing Company Inc./ASCAP)
8. Stickshifts and Safetybelts (2:09)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI
9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (2:24)
(J.M. Davis/O. Farres/Southern Music Publishing, Inc./Perren-Vibes Music, Inc./ASCAP)
10. It's Comming Down (3:44)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
11. Nugget (3:58)
(G. Brown/V. Damiani/V. di Fiore/J. McCrea/T. Roper/Stamen Music/BMI)
12. She'll Come Back To Me (2:25)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
13. Italian Leather Sofa (5:52)
(J. McCrea/Stamen Music/BMI)
14. Sad Songs And Waltzes (3:16)
(W. Nelson/Sony/ATV Songs LLC dba/Tree Publishing/BMI)

1996 Caricorn Records

Before using ANY of these lyrics on your homepage, please note that I did not figure out all of these lyrics(only like 2 songs), so IF you are going to use them, make sure you give credit to the people that took the time to do so!!!

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