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Music, Music, Music, and Music

(oh, and me...)

Thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Troy and here is where I go to school. Seeing as how I'm a student, I don't have much time to work on this page, so kindly provided by GEOCITIES.

For now... consider this a sneak preview, or a bit of a tour. You can follow most of the links, but you may not find much probably until this summer when I'm out of school and have tons of time to get things done. So have as much fun as you can, but dont poke yer eye out.

My hopes are to eventually provide a place for music fans to find out stuff about a band they might like. Unfortunately, the bands on the page will be limited to the ones I like. However, if you have some information on a band you like or would like other people to know about send me an E-Mail at school, and I'll see what I can do. I also plan on having an easy-to-use guitar tab archive.



ME IN ENGLAND! If you'd like to see some pictures of me, and a sort of journal of my year of study abroad in England go to Across The Pond


If you like Pavement, and want some neat-o, small soundbytes to use as system beeps, go to the Little System Beep House I recently created.


I made my Favorite Bands list nice and snazzy


The complete list of Pavement releases went up


The brand smackin new Pave Finder for Pavement fans


You can start off by e-mailing me with any suggestions.

Next, you can go to my little Fan Finder gizmo thingamajig and fill out a little bit about yourself and your musical tastes. You will be added to my little Fan Finder and people who live near you can find you, and you can find them. This is meant for people who are fans of not-so-popular bands, and feel as though there are no other people out there who like the same band. (This should be up in a week or so)

That's about all you can do so far, but I hope to find more to get rid of your boredom in the near future.


This is my tribute to my favorite band, Pavement. The name of my Pavement homepage comes from the lyrics from their song "Frontwards" off of their Watery Domestic EP. It's not that I think I dress really well. So "Come On In..." as Pavement would say, and check it out. It may appear to be some freaky cultish thing, and in a way it is. The music of Pavement is special to me, and is an acquired taste. Once you've acquired the taste, though, you dont lose it.



I just recently spent a lot of time putting together a bunch of stuff and links to some of my favorite bands. Hey, who knows, maybe we have something in common as far as musical tastes go. So check it out, and if you like something you see let me know.


This is one area of my page that could use some help. It's one of the places that I haven't quite gotten to yet. Soon, though I will have links to areas with tab for my favorite bands and cool songs. For now, head on over and take the link to OLGA. It's very cool if I do say so myself.

Pavement Power!