Pre Slanted and Enchanted Stuff (Slay Tracks, Demo. Plot)
Slanted and Enchanted and its singles.
Watery, Domestic and pre Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain goodies
Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and its singles and other randoms of '93/'94.
Wowee Zowee and its following singles.
Pacific Trim and other 95/96 releases.
Peel Sessions from BBC.
Album Cuts/Outtakes
Songs that have only appeared live.

Slay Tracks EP

You're Killing Me
She Believes
Box Elder
Price Yeah!
Maybe, Maybe

Demolition Plot J-7 EP

Internal K-Dart
Spizzle Truck
Perfect Depth
Recorder Grot
Recorder Grot (Rally) (sorry, that was anal cha)

Perfect Sound Forever EP

Heckler Spray
Debris Slide
From Now On
Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent
Krell-Vid User
Drive by Fader

From Flexi Discs

My First Mine
My Radio (one of these was on the ablaze(?) flexi, in think the latter)
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Slanted and Enchanted LP

Summer Babe
Trigger Cut
Fragment of Wounded Kite (Scott Song)
No Life Singed her
In the Mouth a Desert
Conduit for Sale!
Zurich is Stained
Chesleys Little Wrists
Lorettas Scars
Two States(Scott Song)
Fame Throwa
Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era
Our Singer

Summer Babe 7"

Summer Babe
Baptiss Blacktick
Mercy: The Laundromat

Trigger Cut 7"

Trigger Cut
So Stark
Sue Me Jack
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Watery Domestic EP

Texas Never Whispers
Feed'em to the Lions (Linden
Shoot the Singer

Volume Magazine #4

Greenlander (later appeared on born to choose compilation on rykodisc)

No Alternative Compilation (Arista)

Unseen Power of the Pickett Fence
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Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain LP

Silent Kid
Elevate Me Later/ LS2
Stop Breathin
Cut Your Hair
Newark Wilder
Gold Soundz
5-4=Unity (instrumental)
Range Life
Heaven is a Truck
Hit the Plane Down (Scott Song)
Fillmore Jive

CR,CR Bonus 7"(only with vinyl of course)

Haunt You Down
Jam Kidz

Cut Your Hair Single

Cut Your Hair
Camera (REM COVER)
Rain Ammunition Instrumental (on 12" only)

Gold Soundz EP(Matador)

Gold Soundz
Strings of Nasheville
Kneelin Bus
Exit Theory

Gold Soundz Australian Tour EP(big cat)

Gold Soundz
5-4=Unity (Vocal)
Kneelin Bus
Exit Theory(?)

Range Life Single

Range Life
Coolin By Sound (Scott Song)

From "Homeage", Descendants Tribute Album

It's a Hectic World (Decendants Cover)

3rd Gear Split 7"w/Medusa Cyclone

Dancing with the Elders (We Dance Acoustic w/Fragment of Half a Canyon)
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Wowee Zowee LP

We Dance
Rattled by the Rush
Black Out
Brinx Job (Vocal)
Serpentine Pad
Motion Suggests
Father to a Sister of Thought
Best Friendz Armz
Grave Architecture
Fight this Generation
Kennel District (Scott Song)
Half a Canyon
Western Homes(Scott Song)

Rattled By La Rush EP

Rattled by the Rush
Easily Fooled
False Scorpian
Brink of the Clouds*(only on CDEP and 12")

Father to a Sister of Thought Single

Father to a Sister of Thought
Mussle Rock (Scott Song)
Kris Kraft
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Pacific Trim/Time Single

Give it a Day
Gangsters & Pranksters
I Luv Perth*(available on "limited" 7")

From "Schoolhouse Rocks!" Compilation "Braincandy" Motion Picture Soundtrack

Painted Soldiers (Scott Song)

From "I Shot Andy Warhol" Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sensitive Euro-Man
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BBC Peel Sessions

*** #1 *** July 10th,1992

Kentucky Cocktail
Circa 1762
Secret Knowledge of the Backroads (S.Joos Cover)

*** #2 *** December 14th, 1992

Rain Ammunition
Ed Aims
Drunk With Guns
List of Dorms

*** #3 *** February 26th, 1994

Brink of the Clouds
Orange Black (medley w/above song)
Tartyr Martyr (Scott Song)
Peublo Domain (Peublo from Wowee Zowee)
Sutcliffe Catering Song (Easily Fooled from rattled single)

*** #4 *** March 3rd, 1995 (BBC Evening session)

Golden Boyz or Mother Mary (this is a pat smear cover)
Serpentine Pad (medley with above song)
I Luv Perth
Painted Soldiers (Scott Song)
Oh So Risky! (Kris Kraft from FTASOT Single w/Steve West on Vocals)
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Album Cuts

******From CR,CR******

Grounded (the original)
Glory Won't Floor Me (Rumoured* 17 minute song dubbed over USC Marchin Band)

******From Wowee Zowee******

Stray Fire
I Luv Perth (later released on pacific trim 7")
Painted Soldiers (later released on braincandy soundtrack)

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To Date, Live Only Songs

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