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From my hometown, Stockton CA, these five fine gents came together in Gary Young's farm house in Linden in the early 90s sometime to form my favorite band, Pavement. Their music is definitely an acquired taste, but once you've acquired it, there's no getting rid of it. I literally think that I'm addict to Pavement. In honor of them, I have begun my own Pavement homepage called I'VE GOT STYLE At the site you will find other Pavement links, Pavement FAQ, and my very own Pave Finder so that you can find a Pavement fan near you. So go check it out.

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One of the best concerts I've ever seen in my entire life was REM live from the 4th row at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. It was the best concert-going moment of my life. That's not the only reason these four guys from Athens, Georgia are one of my all-time favorite bands. Whether I'm listening to "Dead Letter Office" from 1987 or "Monster," their 1994 release I get the chills. I'm at a loss for words to describe how much I like R.E.M. but I will say this: THEY HAVE A NEW ALBUM IN THE MAKING!!!!

  1. Begin by checking in on the boys from Athens, GA at their oldrecord company, IRS records.
  2. Then take a gander at their current record company, Warner Brother's.
  3. Take a shot at figuring out some of those hard to understand IUMA.
  4. One of the coolest personal REM sites is stipey.com
  5. Tyler Drosdeck has a cool site also.

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Hailing from England, these Brit-rockers have found huge success in America joining the likes of Bush and Oasis. Although their music is nothing like either Oasis nor Bush, Radiohead has struck a chord in the US. And with me... Seeing them live twice in the same week wasn't enough. Hearing their second release, "The Bends," 1,000,000,000 times isn't enough. This band has really caught my ear in the last year or so, and they are growing on me. If you like Radiohead's style, you'll probably like Spacehog as well.

  1. Radiohead's got a record company with one of the coolest music sites. You can find lots of Radiohead stuff at Capitol Record's Hollywood and Vine. It is named after the famous intersection in Hollywood.
  2. There's a cool Canadian site that's worth taking a look at.
  3. This thing called Music Base has some stuff on them also at their site
  4. Someone in the UK has put together a neato personal site.

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Elektra Records signed these "Resident Aliens" from England who now live in New York because they like the music better in America. Their first single, "In The Meantime" appears on their first album, "Resident Alien." The video is downloadable from MTV's Buzz Clips at MTV.com and they seem to be enjoying some MTV and popular radio play.

  1. Elektra Records has some snazzy stuff about the hogs from space.
  2. I couldn't find it due to my impatience while waiting for things to download on Netscape, but 7-UP(yes, the soda) has Spacehog somewhere...
  3. There are only a few places with Spacehog stuff because they are new, but here is one personal site.
  4. Here's another of the rare personal sites.

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My stereo is getting tired of playing The Cure's latest release, "Wild Mood Swings" but I'm not getting tired of listening to it in the least. It is an unbelievable album that combines the old Cure of "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" with the classic "Disentegration" songs to form a new sound that seems to be the perfect Cure. Their are import and domestic releases of their single, "The 13th." Both have previously unreleased tracks on them that are quite good. I would say to give them a spin.

  1. This is a really cl site. It has a bunch of sounds you can use for your system as beeps when you screw up.
  2. There's a nice site called information at this 'ezinfo' site.
  3. Another interesting little personal Cure Homepage

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I've always loved the unique sound that J. Mascis produces with Dino Jr. "I Feel The Pain" was the first song that I heard from them, and loved it. My best friend Danny always raved about Mascis' ability to play guitar, and the band's tightness. It was until I got "Without A Sound," the 1994 release that I realized how right Danny was. Check out track 8, "Get Out Of This." WOW!!

  1. Here's a neato site that hails from Japan!!
  2. Another IUMA resource, for yet another band... Dinosaur Jr. Coincidence? I think not.
  3. Dino Jr. doesn't seem to be too popular on the net, but here's a cool personal homepage

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Well... I dont know what to say about this quartet, except that they turned out one of the best true 'pop' rock albums of the '90s, if not ever with their self-titled debut, "Weezer." From the overplayed (but still great) "Buddy Holly" to the 8 minute "Only In Dreams," this album packs an unforgettable punch. I went two months once without listening to it, and the first time I listened again I still knew every note and every word.

  1. Check out Weezernet
  2. This, my friend, is a cool site. You can find just about anything about Weezer at this unbelievably complete site.

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It used to be that I only liked "Today," Smashing Pumpkins first 'big hit.' Since purchasing their latest album "Mellon Collis and The Infinite Sadness, however, I have become addicted to this Chicago quartet's music. I absolutely love their innovative music, unforgettable orchestration (Tonight, Tonight or Disarm, for example) I'm workin on getting together some nice links, and maybe my own little tribute to them, but until then this is all for the Pumpkins...

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