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the latest incarnation - 10/05: Joey, DTs, Mike & Stevo...


Live '04

20 years of Joey K.

.....version #2 - we had fun with it (sorry, Stevo)

Mike, Joe, 'Vo & Billy bad breaks

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there's this cat - Mac Shiner has told of him, and well, dig this... I was supposed to have this 750-a-day gig in diego, so on tue&wed. in order to aviod the smoke out here, on Sun, v&me 'got outta dodge'. I blew by a buddy's [sic] down in oceanside, planning to chill @charlie's down in mexico before my job. my bud sez 'you aint gettin' to mexico, 'cause diego's ON FIRE TOO. this I did not expect. So I end up at Pala casino, figuring I'll still be close enough to my potential gig (bettin' on the come' as dad would say) I finally talk to the guy tues & he sez "'diego's closed. we'll talk next week" SHIT. well, while we're chillin', I decide to give the casino a rez, cause I'm looking, and I was semi-impressed by their network. For some reason, there was no pen in my room,
and the lady in HR sez I need to touch up my app. I go next door to borrow one, and this tasty older broad is trippin around while her old man is uncorking champagne. I ask for a pen and she's all "whoa- sure I'll getcha one - where's a pen, jack-off?" well, I can see that this does not please this cat, who looks formidible in his own right. I quip: ' yeah, that IS the jackal, isn't it ?' and he STILL does not look up to acknowledge me. she says ' whaaa? jack-hole... huh?' and I tell her "NO. the JACKAL: J-A-C-K-A-L , a predatory dog, much like the wolverine - he'll tear your head off - kick yer ass". THEN he looks at me & smiles. smart-ass bitch then sez: "yeah, that's him!" & hands me the pen. I saw him a few more times in the casino & called him the jackal. It was funny. He played only in the high-roller room, so I told verdugo (my live-in maid) how "that's where Mac Shiner (AKA rabbi schmooli) met the jackal" in the high-roller room.
amusing, no?

Live San Francisco, EARLY '03
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An official list of the many bass-players that have graced M.P. with their short-lived presence:

1. Colleen Campbell - The one & only female member. Appeared on the first Mad Parade demos & had a great ass.

2. Kenny Vogel - A great guitar-player-turned-bassist. Now owns Satellite records. Appeared on their first recording: the "Barricaded Suspects" compilation.

3. Ronnie Ray - Great stage presence, appeared on the 1st record. The frequently imitated cover concept for this legendary self-titled L.P. was Ron's. Went on the first MP U.S. tour and is back in L.A. hangin' at the chub club

4. Michael Lawrence aka Mick Larz - Played on 2nd record: "A Thousand Words" & left after MP's 2nd U.S. tour. jammed with "Lucky", "Haymaker LA", "Battery Life", and currently with "the Curbhounds". I never understood how he kept those cigarettes hanging from his lower lip...

5. Art Gormley - Accompanied Mad Parade on their third U.S. tour. He soon quit & moved to the East coast. Best looking guy ever in the band this side of Joey & Mike.

6. James ?? - Nobody knows what happened to this guy. A brief footnote in Mad Parade history.

7. Mark Barone - A big, useless DONG. Just ask his dad Frank.

8. Al Dixon - I believe that this is also where that Brett cat came in. I guess he's bassist #8.5 because at least Al jammed with Joey and Billy (with the legendary Scott Hillman on the skins). Billy still called his band Mad Parade after Joey quit and Al was the first bassist to play in the band with only one original member. Joey & Mike soon formed "the Disasters" (with Barone on bass, oddly enough).

9. Stevo Brown - Made the transition from the "Sad Charade" to the return of the true MAD PARADE. Went overseas with MP on their 1st European tour in Dec. '95 and every successive tour 'till the millennium, when DUIs, his reluctant DUI chauffer & various personal matters forced him into an early retirement.

10. Ron Ray returns, retro-'Rade rocks, regretfully removed...

11. Paul Almanza, of Steps, Million Six, Chainsaw Pop, Battery Life & the Curbhounds fame. Creator of the 'Egg-Mc-Monzo', a talented lad who fit right in.

12. Ron Ray fills in, Paul moves to lead guitar & backs up Joey, who now sings lead. Two guitars really fill out the sound. Short & bitter-sweet period, paving the way for...

13. The return of Stevo Brown!!! He's back, with a vengance, ladies & gentlemen!! Paul jizzed at the 1st rehearsal, and it seems like old times. Comfort & familiarity replace tension & apprehension, and Stevo looks to add to his record stint in MP. Hopefully, the revolving-door stops here...


punk punk punk rock punk rock punk rock punk punk punk rocker punk links punk links


Jim Whitter (below left), Tom Wilson, Tony Ranallo, Doug Donahey (below-wo),
Jay Lieberman (AKA helmet-boy), Mark Truelove (R.I.P.), Tony Volt, Sean Campos
MILO (below right), Jimmy Jazz (the dancing spazz), and our latest friend, GEORGE.

...thanx, Douglas!!! you ROCK.

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