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Seattle's newest Alternative, Germanic, Latino Rock for the Partially to Fully to Religiously Insane...

Who the hell is Laughing Gas?...
....Four people...Four Songwriters...One Band...

Art Diaz--He who strokes strings. Originally from Texas, Art's guitar technique ranges from the gutteral crunch of an angry rhythm to an intertwining groove that wraps itself around the music and brings forward and enhances the melodies in the songs. After hearing his playing, you'll never forget it!

Pierre Lannon--He who beats things for a living (and a feeling). Melding the intricacies of jazz and fusion (Vinnie Calutta/Manu Cache) with the sheer power of his own style and strength, Pierre creates a raging foundation of dynamic feel and a crazy ferocity. See him play live and you will believe.

David Stephens--Locking with Pierre into a rock solid groove, David uses his classical background and his relatively maniacal stage presence to create an unforgettable rumble that goes straight for the bones...shattering them and leaving the body gelatinous. But jelly-like or not, bodies just can't help but groove to what David plays.

Sasha--The singer/lyricist (and, yes, a musician as well). After three years in Amsterdam with a successful, original touring band, Sasha came to Seattle to create a band with his brother (Pierre), and found three players any singer would love to play with. The goal was to create music from the soul that goes to the soul...Mission accomplished.

Together, these four friends are Laughing Gas. A band whose influences are as diverse as its members (Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, NIN, Sting, Allman Brothers, Metallica, The Police, and on, and on... as well as many club bands you may never have the pleasure of hearing.) This diversity shows itself in the music LG has written for it's debut record, Devil in the Details. Whether it's the heavy stomp of Angry Man and Pincusion, or the silky grooves of Tangled and Possible Regret (definately one of many possible singles), or the swaying violin on Thrush, you'll hear different styles, but you'll always know LG's playing. The music is all of these things and much more. It is original (yes, it's true!), and more importantly, it has created something bigger than just the band and it's audience... It has created friends, given the opportunity to bring people together to share their pain and joy, consuled someone in solitude, and/or maybe just gave a little entertainment to a bored soul. Whatever it is that draws you in and makes you feel doesn't really matter. That you do feel is important...

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