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[ Description ] : ICQ Listing of Monta Vista Alumni
[ List Keeper ] : Jason Spencer (Class Of 1995)
[ Location ] : California, USA
[ List Created ] : September 9, 1997
[ List Updated ] : May 29, 1998
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Oz Ozgur Aral 1994 573053 I would love to be on the MV alumni list!
March Hare Ben Bangert 1995 5589333 Yeah.... I ate a worm once.
< NONE > Alison Forman 1992 < NONE > .
Gina Gina Gillett 1997 12907704 I'm a good listener!!
Medic 12 Kieran Smith 1995 187034 ICQ MV Alumni??????? COOL!!!!!!!!!
DJ Spencer Jason Spencer 1995 187207 Hi! I'm the guy that came up with the idea, created and maintains this list.

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