Software Utilities for Web Authoring and Imaging

Nothing's better than a good ASCII word-processor and Adobe Photoshop to create homepages. But if you don't have the inclination to learn HTML or spend lots of money on bitmap editing programs, the following shareware/freeware programs can do most of the work required for basic homepages without spending a lot of time or money:

Learning HTML
Of course knowing anything about HTML will be beneficial and this site has the best collection of links I've seen on learning HTML from beginner to advance levels.


GifBuilder 0.4.1
Utility to create animated GIF files on the Macintosh. It can be used manually to collect PICT, GIF, TIFF or Photoshop images or to convert QuickTime movies, FilmStrip or PICS files. Animated GIF files can be viewed with NetScape 2.0 and later, and other browsers. Freeware.

Transparency 1.0
Utility program allows you to apply transparent backgrounds to GIF images.

GIF Converter 2.3.7
Utility reads in and saves to a variety of file formats.


PaintShop Pro
versatile image editing program with much of the functionality of Photoshop. Win/95. Shareware.

Image viewer. Win 3.1.


Adobe Pagemill 2.0 Beta by Adobe Software
WYSIWYG authoring program supports forms, tables, font colors, image mapping, and a wide variety of other tools. Req: PPC. Beta Demo.

Arachnid 1.9, by Robert McBurney, Mark Hanrek, Christopher Watson and others
Arachnid, written by the University of Iowa, is a WYSIWYG authoring program that supports forms creation, site management, and a variety of image tools. HTML tables were not presently supported. Req: Any Mac. Freeware.


FrontPage by Microsoft
Mircrosoft's popular WYSIWYG web authoring and management program. Req: Win/95. Demo.

HotDog Professional (95) by Sausage Software
Updated, 32-bit version of HotDog Pro. This popular HTML editor provides drag-and-drop functions, image file manipulation , and a built-in FTP client which can download an entire Web site, creating a project file from its components. Current HotDog users should not use this to replace their present version. Req: Win/95. Shareware, 30-day beta.

HotDog Pro 2..53 by Sausage Software
HotDog Pro supports HTML tags for Internet Explorer as well as Netscape Navigator, has an FTP file transfer module, and is capable of realtime viewing of your work. Additional features include: wordwrapping,wizards for creating tables. This evaluation download can be registered as a 'standard' or 'pro' version, depending upon your needs. Re: Windows 3.1. Shareware.