I was originally going to have these files as .wav's but after seeing how much compression MPEG gives I decided to use .mpg's. These files are saved at maximum compression and at the lowest (I think) recording settings (32000 Khz, mono, 16 Bit). Uncompressed they are about 5 Megs!

To play these you need a MPEG player which the Buddy Project or IUMA have for most systems. These should play on an 8 bit soundcard too. These MPEGs plays perfectly on my system but I don't know too much about how MPEG players work. So if these don't play properly for you could you please mail me, I don't want to exclude people from hearing these just because they have a slower machine or whatever.

I have to zip the files to get them onto this server, so just unzip them and they're ready to play. I'll change the MPEG about every month or so and the samples will mostly be from things I've reviewed. If you want to hear any of the bands that are mentioned on this site, send me some mail and I'll see what I can do...


Taken from the Homomilitia "Twoje Cialo - Twoj Wybor" LP on Nikt Nic Nie Wie records. I've also reviewed this record.

Policja - 1 minute 28 secs., Zipped MPEG, 336K

Read the lyrics. (In English)

All Of The Day

This is taken from the Stalingrad picture disc 7" on Armed With Anger (you can also e-mail AWA). I've also reviewed this record.
All Of The Day - 1 minute 31 secs., Zipped MPEG, 347K

Read the lyrics. (In special easy to read format) : )


This is taken from Abuso Sonoro's "Prisoes" 7" on Panx records. I've also reviewed this record.

Governo - 1 minute 15 secs., Zipped MPEG, 281K

Read the lyrics (in Portuguese and English).

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