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I guess I should say... Welcome!

June 2007 - Another 2 years and still no update... oh well! I still like having this page here though, I find it amusing to look back at me in 1996...

April 2005 - I still haven't updated this page... hey you'd never know it might happen... BTW If you have comments on this page like you feel you need to tell me what a disgrace it is or say "wow, so this is what a hand-edited page looks like.. it's like a trip into ye olden days" then mail me @

Dec 2003 - Ok right, it's still many many moons since I've done anything here, it's 24/12/03 today and I'm still at work... yipee! oh wait anyway back to work... BTW if any of you out there have ICQ, my UIN is 676995. If you don't know what ICQ is then um... where have you been?!?

See you on the other side

This page is under construction (probably since 1998)... any inconvenience caused is regretted

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