June 26, 1999 Linda's Music now carries the 7 twenty 6 CD.  Pick it up there or GB's, Coop Records, or Sam Goody.  Bur our CD.

June 26, 1999 Scott is going to playing guitar for Lindsay Austin at the Blue Ribbon Night Jam.  It will be one song but a rare appearance because it is a country song.

June 26, 1999 7 twenty 6 recorded an interview with 107.3 Jim Fleming which is played many times on 107.3.  You can hear Deja Blue, Thursday Morning, and I can't numerous times all this week on 107.3.  You should hear them 35 min of each hour or so.

June 26, 1999 Tom Chandler's Bio is added to the bio section.

June 2, 1999 Finally bios are being added so check out the ones that are there now.  More will be added soon.

June 2, 1999 There are a limited number of autographed CDs by 7 twenty 6 due to the circumstances with Todd moving ot Austin, Texas.  Hurry up and get yours today!

June 2, 1999 7 twenty 6 will be playing with Brian Fogarty at the Brad Centola benefit on June 12.  This will be the first public show with Brian Fogarty.  Also appearing at the Brad Centola benefit is Lindsay Austin and Catfish and the Sharks.  Lindsay Austin is an incredible country singer who will be recording at Pogo Studios in July.

May 23, 1999 7 twenty 6 will appear on 106.7 the fox on Thursday May 27, 1999.  The featured song will be Ain't Coming Home, and there will be an interview with the 7 twenty 6.

May 22, 1999 7 twenty 6 is sad to anounce that Todd Wilson will be moving to Austin, Texas.  He will not be able to play with 7 twenty 6 at the moment.  His spot will be filled in by Brian Fogarty.

May 20, 1999 7 twenty 6 has just agreed to play a benefit for Brad Centola at the K C park in Decatur, IL.

May 11, 1999  7 twenty 6 album will be available at GB's Records, Cds, and Tapes, and Co-op Records.  Groove Box Release date is set for May 18, 1999.

May 10, 1999  This just in.... 7 twenty 6 is going to have a CD release party at Lindas Music in Decatur, Il on May 22, 1999 at 6 pm.  They will play all original material at the show and meet with those fans who want to buy their CD and want it autographed.  This is a great opportunity to meet the band and talk with them, get some pictures and some autographs.

May 8, 1999  7 twenty 6 has been scheduled to play RJ's Bar and Grill tonight only.  They plan to play two full sets including all original material.   Check them out if you can.

May 6, 1999  7 twenty 6 appeared at the Les Femmes Final concert to play the song "If you Could See" for Molly Wilson who is Todd's sister.

May 3, 1999  Check out the links page on the 7 twenty 6 web site.  You can link up to Pogo Studios (this is where 7 twenty 6 recorded their album, Groove Box) and many other locations on the World Wide Web that 7 twenty 6 loves to visit.

May 1, 1999  New changes to the 7 twenty 6 home page has begun with additions of pictures, new email locations. .

April 20, 1999 7 twenty 6 has changed their web site.  Liquid Numb Productions is working hard to update the web site as much as possible.  Bookmark this web site and check the news and tour dates sections for new tour dates to come.

April 15, 1999 Liquid Numb has officially changed their name to 7 twenty 6.  This name has some meaning for the band because this was the first date that 7 twenty 6 played.  The new albums name has been decided to be called Groove Box.