Hi,this page was started 960521.
Here's a screensaver for all the Newcastle Brown Ale fans.(81K) broonale.zip -I got it from their site.

Here's the Business interview.

I've left this site for four years now,after reading my guestbook now after three years or so I've decided that this old bastard's making a comeback...
Nothing's changed yet,my first step will be to check all the links,remove all the dead ones and add new ones from the guestbook and that I'be stumbled over in other ways.(like clockwork crew)
Cheers and beers!
BTW,no mail address yet,another very soon to do thing.(feel I need to get back on track with coding HTML first...)
These are my branchpages!

images -updated

Request for lyrics -updated

lyrics Updated

Bands -Bandpages updated

Mailorder -Swedish stores. Updated

Revues Updated


Punklinks -Punk,skin and Oi! links,Updated

Webstores -punkstores and labels on the web,updated

Non-punk links -Other links,updated

Webrings -Webrings.

A brief history of Oi!
A little more info on what's in those pages:
Resources consists of addresses to stores that sell clothes,punk/Oi! records and more.
Reviews is a page where I revue some demos and albums.

If you're in a band,or know of any bands (more or less unknown) send me an E-mail on where to get their demo's tell me how much they/you want for it and give us a bio as well.
I prefer Swedish bands (it would cost me more to exchange the money,than buying the demos,unfortunately).


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Here are some old Lpage entries.
This is what I saved from Pergatory.

The Rail Black market