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My real name is Manuela. Tempest is the nickname I use in IRC. I'm 36 years old and I live and work in Lugano, a nice little town in the South of Switzerland which I usually surname "My Little Rio".

My interests an hobbies are:

Music, and when I say music I mean ROCKand Rock means

  Bashers please keep out or you'll be eaten alive !!!

Formula 1 My hero WAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE

IRC, I'm usually on #ticino or #BonJovi

Internet, where my eyes change from this to this


Fighter Jets 

I work here


Some Cool Sites:

Free vanity email service

KMMC - Multimedia Greeting Cards

The Electric Postcard

Virtual Flowers Homepage

Game Solution

My Friend' Sites:

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Mediatree - l'albero dei media

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rANnulfo's mini-world

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