Phil Scarratt, Drums
"I disclaim a love for country music."

DEC. 90 Arrested for Possession and alleged sniffing of TIC TACs
JAN. 91 Life ban from the Horden Pavilion for line dancing at an Iron Maiden concert.
AUG. 91 Held for questioning over the possession of a Billy Ray Syrus album.
MAR. 92 Incarcerated into the states facilities for the mentally challenged, claiming to have sung the vocal tracks on Rick Ashley's No 1 hit "When I fall In Love".
JUN. 96 Released from custody to join IGNITE as a drummer.

Dave Johnstone, Guitars
"All this information is confidential isn't it?"

FEB. 91 Arrested for fraud for selling light bulbs to the blind society.
SEPT. 93 Received a life membership to the "Molestation of butterflies Foundation".
JAN. 94 Dishonorary discharge from the Army reserve for only turning up on Mondays.
DEC. 95 Suspected of impersonating a guitarist in ozy metal band IGNITE.

Peter Firley, Guitars
"I think that the boys will let me put strings on my guitar soon!"

MAR. 92 Under surveillance for suspect smuggling of moth balls into Australia.
JUN. 93 Tried out for KISS as a saxophonist.
MAR. 96 Entered the Monastic Fellowship of the order of St Paul.
APR. 96 Discreetly discharged from the monastery over a small matter concerning a Friar Tuck hair cut.
JUN. 96 Decided to put his hair to a better use and joined Metal band IGNITE.

Derek Garland, Bass & Vocals
"Personal hygiene has always been a high priority for me."

MAY 90 Held for questioning over a missing truck load of ugboots.
JUNE 91 Spent time in Parramatta Jail trying to sell stolen ugboots.
APR. 92 Entered the states witness protection program.
NOV. 94 Finally witnessed something!
JAN. 95 After a court case lasting seven years, won the right to upgrade his personal hygiene to poor.

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