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I saw IGNITE recently and I must say these guys really kicked arse. They play a kind of Doom Rock reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Derek is one of the coolest vocalists I've seen in some time with screams guaranteed to send any mere mortal hoarse, but not our Derek. IGNITE went off!
Mal CMP Australia

IGNITE play a Doom grunge kind of thing that is guaranteed to turn your brain to jelly! For all that is Monkish contact IGNITE at 47/81 Bath Rd Kirrawee 2232 Australia and ask for a copy of their CD "The Cracked Mirror"
Mick Magic (M&E) UK

This is the first release from the heavy weights of heavy metal from the Mad Monks of IGNITE. They play a bikie kind of Hard Rock with its routes firmly in the 70's. Vocals are not at the extreme side of things but are still strong as is the tunes which have alot of space adding to the mood of this recording. IGNITE delve into the occult imagery and create a dark protrait with a positive message.
Doug Van Pelt HM USA

This is good metal music, it kicks some ass, but they don't have a big sound. The first track "IT" has a haunnting sound., good music and vocals. "Tonight" has very expressive vocals., slightly melancholy and a little slow, but the guitarist proves he can jam unplugged as well as plugged. "The Cracked Mirror" has some creative musical arrangement and power vocals, "Spit" has a haunting intro., rather unusual acoustic guitar. "Sanctuary" sports some great bass work in the intro. I like the vocals and the musical arrangement.
Brynn McKenna (Ballbusters Hard Music Report), USA

Hey! We just got this a couple a days ago. "The Cracked Mirror" from IGNITE! I really like because it's different. It fits in with our show well and I really dig the voice! So here it is! "The Cracked Mirror".
Exerpt from The Factory Floor Radio show, Canada

This band present us a very transparent sounding version of 70's Heavy Metal. Not the kind that display thousand times multitracked guitar sounds which is typical of bombastic Heavy bands but minimal arranged songs with great melodies and passionate vocals that remind me every now and then of Asylum!, as they come with a harsh touch to change then into Dio like parts. Golden earring like riffs are combined with Iron Maiden guitar phrases, while the rhythmic bass/ drums back up is of the tight sort. This bands transports the spirit of early Black Sabbath into the last decade of our century. Check em out!
J Kalifatikis (Fight Amnesia) Germany

The CD sounds good! The band is strange in a way, but it all seems to hold together fairly well. I feel that IGNITE is maybe still trying to find it's sound. Some good stuff material wise and some good playing as well! There is some real shit out there getting rave reviews these days so with any justice this CD should get the thumbs up because it is alot better than a lot of releases out there. Thank GOD it shows a bit of an individual slant too, so many bands are just plain copies of other successful acts, boring.
Robert Bellman (Knights of Wine and Roses) 2GTR S.A.

I have to mention this band IGNITE! I received there "CD" the other day and it made me scream! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT...... This CD displays heart and soul in the tradition of Black Sabbath, and it has to be said that heart and soul is very hard to find in todays music! A must for all who believe music must have integrity!
Lord Litter (Radio Marabu) Germany

I'm really enjoying this "CD" a lot. Powerful stuff! Australian band IGNITE and the title track "The Cracked Mirror"!
Exerpt from No Pigeon Holes with Don Campau USA

IGNITE are an Australian trio of the unusual kind. Three Ozzies dressed up as Monks playing Heavy Metal of the Dark Doomy kind is really a change of pace and a pleasant one at that. My favourite song is nightmares (one of the live tracks) with loads of atmosphere created by the ambience which encloses this tune. Dark, mystical and delivered with a passion. This CD kicks! Available through BOTACA.
Anders Joh Blisten (Heavy Hummer and Metal Canary) Norway

It is of little wonder that IGNITE are making a lot of headway in the metal scene. Manager and lead singer, Derek Garland is a man of great discipline. Having represented Australia in Waterpolo at the Los Angeles Olympics, his dedication has now been focused on his work with the band. IGNITE have recently signed a distribution deal in the states, which indicates that "The Cracked Mirror" is hot! For your copy just drop into The Voice.
Craig Giles (Sounds Good) Australia

A trio from Australia called IGNITE seem to be on everyone's lips lately. Newly signed to BOTACA their debut release is "The Cracked Mirror", It sounds very much like the Sabbath of old with a 90's sound. Extremely tight and intelligent musicianship rolled up into a nice production!
Brake The Chain Belgium

A real spark of light, with enough space to be almost ambient. Nightmares has what it takes to capture the imagination of the masses. So what more could you want?
Justin Owen (HM) Australia

Derek is a singer with tendencies toward the lighter side of death metal but a truly unique style of articulate grumbling and from the heart screams.. A bassist as good as the next and a song smith with a fairly heavy history!

Peter is a classically trainced guitarist still coming to grips with this heavy rock thing: he tends to stumble through oft-played riffs but the sound he achieves is a signature sound that will be difficult to mimic!

While Ric is a jazz drummer who is also still learning the heavy rock style although he is gradually changing to suit his adopted gene.
Peter (Jacky) Gleeson 2CCR FM Australia

On my first listen to this band I had visions of Spinal Tap dressing up as Monks. I suppose it was the comical side of seeing IGNITE dressed up as Monks that brings the comparison, but then again they do sound like Spinal Tap meets Blackie Lawless and WASP meets Black Sabbath with a few other influences throw in for interest.

IGNITE are a Doom and gloom metal band that have fun with what they are doing! Dressing up as Monks being part of it! What's presented on this independently released CD are 5 studio tracks and two live tracks of music that is way cool and a must for everyones CD library.
Stephen Harris T.O.A.N. (zine) Australia

Lord Litter has called "The Cracked Mirror" absolutely brilliant! I could get away with using that as a review becuase it says it all. In all honesty, I do agree with Lord Litter. IGNITE is a band with music that is, without a doubt, absolutely brilliant. "The Cracked Mirror" is a seven song EP that could be described as Black Sabbath meets early Iron Maiden. This is a band that just crushes the competition. From the laid back, spooky feel of "Tonight" to the hard rocking title song, this CD is (as Lord Litter and mysef agree)... ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Did I mention that the band dresses up like monks? I guess bad habits are hard to break (that's a joke). But, when it comes to making great music, IGNITE isn't a band to joke about. So don't waste any time in sending this band your money for your copy of "The Cracked Mirror"... THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!!!
Paul Autry THE 1/2 CREEPER

Not exactly the most refreshing and unique thing that I've heard but this Australian band, the three monks of IGNITE, are playing powerful yet melodic heavy metal with a variety of influences and sounds!

After all, there are times that I was impressed by their potentiality and abilities! There is a decent musical background that I have the sense that if the band will manage to add more a personal feeling then the whole result will bring definitely some fresh air and major respect by the fans of this musical type. Five well performed studio tracks plus two live ones showing that IGNITE is a dynamic band that attract the audience wherever they play. For those that are looking for a classical metal band that has nothing to do with trend then IGNITE are recommended!
Mania (SHADOWLAND) Greece

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